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We have just sat down in front of a big screen ready to cover this year’s E3 briefing this morning.

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Below is our twitter feed coverage during the briefing. Newest posts are at the top. So start from the bottom.

  • And that is us done. We’re heading out. more coming up soon. #XboxE3 Thanks for sticking with us here, more to come throughout the week
  • Looks like we missed out on the Free Xbox being in the overflow area of the breifing. ho-hum #XboxE3
  • New Xbox shipping to retailers today #XboxE3 Kudos
  • Quiet! , built in wifi, 250HDD, all for the same price as a current new 360. $299 #XboxE3
  • Xbox launching a new era for Xbox 360. New Xbox console style. video #XboxE3
  • Forza for Kinect coming in 2011 #XboxE3
  • Walk around the cars using Kinect, though it doesnt feel like there is as much control as this is making your believe #XboxE3
  • Poor guy doesnt look like this been sleeping much #XboxE3
  • Forza with Kinect compatibility #XboxE3 Look around looks around the cockpit.
  • Turn 10 Studio takes the stage to talk Forza’s next steps #XboxE3
  • Coming 2011 #XboxE3
  • Lucasarts bringing Star Wars to Kinect with Sabres! #XboxE3 (here we go people)
  • Launching with 15 titles #XboxE3
  • Kinect launching world wide staring with North America on Nov 4th #XboxE3
  • Phil Spencer back on stage #XboxE3
  • Lady Gaga on there. 600 moves, 90 routines #XboxE3 Another demo on stage
  • Nice dig at other competitors there
  • Dance Cental Coming this Holiday season #XboxE3
  • Do the rubber chicken and all sorts of dance moves, all in time to some grovey tracks #XboxE3
  • Dance Central from Harmonix shown on stage #XboxE3
  • Wonder if it has a ‘Lose 10 Pounds’ achievements? #XboxE3
  • Time to sell your WiiFit #XboxE3
  • Lengths and data is tracked by scanning you #XboxE3
  • Live demo of Your Shape now on stage #XboxE3 , Clothing is also mapped showing what you are wearing, very clever
  • Your Shape from Ubisoft #XboxE3
  • Fitness for Kinect looks to keep that fat burned off #XboxE3
  • More games rolling out in a video #XboxE3
  • Pics can be shared on facebook via Adventures! styled Polaroids
  • Cameras take snaps of your most embarrasing poses #XboxE3
  • Rafting is on now, two player, lean to turn and jump to boost your raft on to plat forms #XboxE3
  • Jump left and right to move your character to avoid and collect #XboxE3 auto split screens when 2nd player jumps in
  • Avoid obstacles by ducking and jumping, moving hands to collect coins #XboxE3
  • Kinect Adventures is the rappids game i was mentioning earlier #XboxE3
  • Turn around to pull off stunts in air #XboxE3
  • Hold hands out like your racing a car, push arms forward to boost. Turning very wide on corners #XboxE3
  • Kinect JoyRide on stage for a demo #XboxE3
  • Kinect Sports, puts you into games like, football, bowling, javelin, ping pong, boxing, vollyball… #XboxE3
  • 200m hurdles demo, run on the spot and jump to jump over the hurdles #XboxE3
  • Saw this lastnight, seems ok and very energetic #XboxE3
  • Kinect Sports demo on stage #XboxE3
  • Adopt 40 animals, over 30 activities #XboxE3
  • Kinectimals – One for the kids I think (?) #XboxE3
  • Hide and it looks for you #XboxE3 touching the screen up close
  • Jump and so will the tiger, lay down and so will they, say ‘Get up’ or ‘Get your toy’ and it will do just that #XboxE3
  • Kinectimals, skittles the tiger, virtual pet being fluffed 0_o
  • 6 Kinect Launch games being shown #XboxE3
  • Kudo T takes the stage for some more Kinect game demos no doubt #XboxE3
  • No additional cost for Gold members #XboxE3 Whoot! (if you’re in the US)
  • 1000s of live sporting events, on demand, replay and in HD #XboxE3
  • Live NBA demos being shown #XboxE3
  • Apart form the lovely typos
  • So while this is one, how we doing so far? #XboxE3
  • Europe, we’ll be right back after these adverts for Ham and Cheese – lol #XboxE3
  • Thing this is when people in Europe switch off
  • ESPN coming to Xbox #XboxE3 On demand events, etc, US only?
  • Video Kinect coming to Windows Live Messenger #XboxE3
  • Camera tracking follows where you go #XboxE3 Tracking your skeleton as you move, motorised base moves the camera #XboxE3
  • Did anyone say scripted? #XboxE3
  • Demo of a call being made #XboxE3 Select topics and view videos together
  • Displays friends on Live and MSN #XboxE3 that you can talk to
  • Hello Laura :$ #XboxE3
  • Video Kinect demoed #XboxE3
  • Kinect coming to every country xbox is currently being sold n#XboxE3
  • Demo over #XboxE3
  • ‘Xbox Pause’, ‘Xbox Play’, ‘Xbox Stop’ lets you interact with the movie. same for music #XboxE3
  • So next time you watch a film with others, tape their hands down to not spoil the film! #XboxE3
  • Bring hand up during a film to srub the movie back and forth #XboxE3
  • Zune transformed into Kinect , use hands to navigate which movie you wish to view #XboxE3
  • Say Xbox and say Zune will take you into Zune #XboxE3
  • Waving again lets you into the Kinect hub, where games, films and social tools are at reach #XboxE3
  • Showing sign in , wave at the xbox and it connects #XboxE3
  • Ron takes the stage #XboxE3
  • Camera in the middle, sensors at either side #XboxE3
  • Motorised tilt in the base of Kinect unit #XboxE3
  • Mark Whitman takes to the stage #XboxE3
  • Really nice space battles in Reach #XboxE3
  • YES YOU DO!! #XboxE3
  • Sabre launched into space, nice cut scene. will you take control? #XboxE3
  • Nice melee attacks #XboxE3
  • Visuals looking much better in Reach #XboxE3
  • Landing pods crashing to the ground spewing enemies ready for the killing #XboxE3
  • Campaign demo being shown #XboxE3
  • That’s Reach not Reece lol
  • Halo Reece video on screen #XboxE3 Aaaaaaahhhh
  • Mulitplayer Halo Reece beta, been the biggest in history #XboxE3
  • Marcus from Bungie takes the stage #XboxE3
  • Codename Kingdoms announced from Crytek #XboxE3
  • From Crytek!! #XboxE3
  • New partner announced with Microsoft – looks a bit God of War esk #XboxE3
  • Phil back on stage #XboxE3
  • Fable 3 looks more grown up this time around #XboxE3
  • Fable 3 Video trailer on show #XboxE3
  • Creative Director Peter Mo. takes the stage to talk
  • Demo over, new mode called Beast unveiled and on show in the week #XboxE3
  • Tentacles seems to be this years new fashion for Gears 3 #XboxE3
  • Which eject out some kinda spider floor crawlers #XboxE3
  • Fire breathing mutating Lambents with massive Mr Tickle arms #XboxE3
  • Gears 4 player co-op is looking pretty sweet #XboxE3
  • New labent mutating enemies and female gears #XboxE3
  • Live 4 story based co-op demo #XboxE3
  • Cliffy B takes the stage #XboxE3 Gears 3 time!!
  • Phil Spencer takes to the stage Corp VP #XboxE3
  • Typical jokey ending from Hideo – cutting melons #XboxE3
  • ‘Cut what you want’ #XboxE3
  • Featuring Sword play and grabbing spine columns of energy, nice!
  • MGS Rising video on show #XboxE3
  • Premiere of MGS Rising #XboxE3
  • Hideo takes to the stage. MGS for Kinect? #XboxE3
  • Kinect gets the briefing mention #XboxE3
  • Exclusive first addons and map packs for Black Ops for the next 3 yrs #XboxE3
  • Demo over. MS VP Don takes to the stage #XboxE3
  • Air combat being showing in Black Ops, looks good #XboxE3
  • Dont think that is a hind tho tbh
  • Showing mission to capture a Hind chopper in a jungle #XboxE3
  • It’s official, rats in Black Ops #XboxE3
  • Stage demo of Black Ops being shown #XboxE3
  • Call of Duty Black Ops kicking off #XboxE3
  • Smaller stage this year #XboxE3
  • Here we go! #XboxE3
  • Dust looks pretty nice #XboxE3
  • Loving the look of Limbo #XboxE3 hoping to check that out
  • What are you price predictions for Kinect? #XboxE3
  • Homefront is looking a bit CoD, a good thing? #XboxE3
  • Alan Wake The Signal DLC, July 27th #XboxE3
  • Alan Wake first DLC exclusive preview on GTV #XboxE3
  • scratch that, looks like GTV feed instead #XboxE3
  • ….which starts in 30mins #XboxE3
  • Sounds like we’re going to be watching Spike TV’s broadcast coverage rather than direct feed. #XboxE3
  • ‘Something for everyone’ apparently, both core and casual, including some surprises #XboxE3
  • Some big cheese taking the stage here #XboxE3
  • So what kinda big things are people expecting from today’s briefing? Which starts in 20mins #XboxE3
  • A good competition today will be how many times ill forget to tag my tweets #XboxE3 and the typos. Sorry in advance 馃槈
  • We’re camped right at the front of the big screen. Like a kid at the movies
  • Crowd here slowly filling up #XboxE3
  • And we are in #xboxe3
  • Waiting in front if the queue. Go us!

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