Velocity Noodle: Speed Running Deliveries and Chopstick Hunting

Velocity Noodle is a unique 2D platformer developed by Shotgun Anaconda and published by Top Hat Studios. Previously only available on PC, the game is coming to consoles. I had the honor of playing it on the Nintendo Switch in between writing sessions and on the bus. Velocity Noodle, while not designed to be, is perfect in short sessions and on the go. Completionists and speed runners will also adore this game. 

The game is broken up into different levels, as most 2D platformers are. The level select mode is super nostalgic to older Flash games or mobile games. Squares with numbers for each levels, and our scores on the fight of the screen.

We start off with a stellar tutorial on controls via dialogue between two characters. As a goofball who needs things explained to them while refusing to check a how-to-play page, this was fantastic. We learn the controls as we go pretty easily, but once everything is explained the training wheels go off and we are alone.

You’re playing as a noodle delivery girl in a post-futuristic hellscape of a city. Each level is another delivery. As levels go on, more gimmicks/new game mechanics are introduced. We start off with the basics right away. Jumping, dashing, air-dashing, and throwing the magical sword that orbits us and allows us to teleport. After that, it is a matter of mastering the basics so that we can get around new obstacles.

Actually playing the levels frustrated me to no end, and had me almost gritting my teeth. That is to say, it was fun and challenging. The game is going to make you want to replay the levels over and over again until you get that perfect score. Levels are short and are perfect for bus rides or unwinding after work in short bursts. It is truly a game you can drop and pick up at any time.

Velocity Noodle doesn’t take itself too seriously in a way I find pretty charming. Story-wise, the game leaves a lot to the imagination. While it is lacking in narrative substance, we are given a lot of silly dialogue and super cool visuals to keep us busy. 

Characters are lovingly designed, though rarely seen. Backgrounds are generic, but with cool elements like flying litter or bottles that move when you walk into them. You can really feel the care that went into the design as you play it and notice small details.

Overall it is a great game, especially if you’re a completionist or speedrunner. You’ll get your kicks trying to get the perfect score and your best time. For the average player, this might be hard to sit down and play for a long time. I highly recommend playing it in short bursts on the switch when you’re on the go.

Velocity Noodle




  • Great visual design
  • Fun teleporting mechanic
  • Provides multiple goals: Beating time, and finding chopsticks


  • Would be nice to see more characters
  • Could easily frustrated no competitive players

Elizabeth Curtis

Elizabeth is an indie author and illustrator who focuses on children’s books, reviews, life hacks, and listicles. When she isn’t writing, she is playing video games or consuming years' worth of content on obscure topics. Some of her all-time favorite games are: Crunchinling Adventure, Bioshock 2, Neopets: the Darkest Faerie, and Undertale.

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