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Exclusive Transformers ‘Cybertron Edition’ Hitting The 360

A few online retailers have started to sell a special edition version of the upcoming Transformers title. The boxset, entitled ’Cybertron Edition’, has not yet appeared on any other console so for now it seems like it’s exclusive to the 360.

The Cybertron Edition Game Includes:

Bonus unlockable levels
Bonus code to unlock two ‘Cybertron’ levels, one for each side in the game (Autobot and Decepticon)

Bonus Content Disc
Behind-the-Scenes Interviews and B-Roll from movie and game talent:
Peter Cullen (original Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime in game and film)
Frank Welker (original Megatron, Megatron in game)
“Making of” features with the game’s development teams
Film content including movie trailers and TV spots.

Prequel Comic Book
Volume 1 of 4 official movie prequel comic books.
Designed by Transformers artist legend, Don Figueroa. Published by IDG comics.
Storyline: Tells the back-story of the battle between Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron, as well as the importance of the All-Spark cube and how it was lost.

Limited Edition Packaging
Special packaging featuring classic Transformers icons and images of Cybertron.

The game, which will be released sometime this June, is based on the upcoming Transformers movie. You will be able to assume control of OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, MEGATRON, BARRICADE and many more Transformers in your quest for world peace (to bad World Domination is out of the question).

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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