Kraino Origins: 80% Castlevania and 20% Megaman

Look no further if you’re looking for a 2D platformer that keeps things fresh while using nostalgic elements from older games. In Kraino Origins, you slash your way through numerous enemies, collect treasure, and buy upgrades.

Unlike other platformers I’ve reviewed, Kraino has a great sense of design. Both aesthetically and functionally. Hit boxes are clear, interactable elements are defined, and the style is cohesive.

Fans of older games will appreciate this one, as it uses many elements from the Castlevania games and even a few from Megaman X. When I was slashing the cheeky enemies, it took me back to when I was trying to kill Caslevania’s frustrating Flea Man for the first time. Kraino’s enemies mimic the movements and actions of many from the Castlevania games but do so without making it boring for players

If you haven’t played the older platformers, you might not be able to appreciate all the elements or get a hang of the controls as easily. However, that was part of the fun of those older games, so new audiences will also enjoy this one as they discover the game.

Playstyle is much like those older platformers, where you frustratingly ‘die’ until you learn to parry correctly or to double jump on blades. The game has frequent check points so that it doesn’t feel too futile while still remaining challenging. 

The most satisfying attack in the game was the jump down attack. While similar attacks can be seen in other games, it was among one of the fresher moves in Kraino Origins. The down jump comes in handy when fighting the first boss, and every enemy I can jump on after that. If you time things right, this jump down attack also doubles as a double jump. Allowing you to get to treasure or making quick escapes.

A move that could be more satisfying was the blocking/parry. While exploring the uses of different attacks, I noticed there were a few enemy attacks that I wished were abled to be parried. The silver lining is that most moves are at least blockable when not parryable.

To me, games should either make sure that parryable attacks look different from other attacks, or all attacks should be parryable. It is a missed opportunity to let us parry some, and not all. With that in mind, it is still very satisfying to battle using the various attacks.

The game’s levels are separated into main levels and challenges. The main levels will end with a boss, where challenge levels lack a boss. Throughout the levels, you find coins and skulls that you can use up at the shops to buy different abilities among other things.

Where the game is lacking, however, is in the story. There is an opening scene as well as some dialogue from bosses and other characters. However, it would be nice to see more story at the start of levels as well to better understand the enemies we are fighting.

In conclusion: Kraino is a stupidly fun action platform that uses older and newer elements. It is an extremely satisfying, yet challenging game that new and old players can enjoy.




  • Unique Designs
  • Tight Controls


  • Missed Opportunities for Parrying Ability
  • Would Like to See More Story

Elizabeth Curtis

Elizabeth is an indie author and illustrator who focuses on children’s books, reviews, life hacks, and listicles. When she isn’t writing, she is playing video games or consuming years' worth of content on obscure topics. Some of her all-time favorite games are: Crunchinling Adventure, Bioshock 2, Neopets: the Darkest Faerie, and Undertale.

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