Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Gameplay #2

Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Gameplay

Published On March 25, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

As promised over the weekend, the Battlefield: Bad Company Beta servers have now launched, so today we bring you our first video from the Beta, courtesy of our very own community member Glitch100. The video shows off the promised destructive environments in the game, which will make multiplayer very enjoyable indeed. There will be no where to hide in Bad Company, as any cover, from brick walls, trees and fences can be blow away by a flying bullet or stray RPG.

Hit the video below to find out what you are missing out on…

Leave us a comment of your thoughts below, and if you wish to see anything in particular in the game, we’ll ask Glitch100 to try it out and video it for us. Stay tuned for more videos from the beta over the coming days.

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