The Power Pyramid from Konnet is a charge and store station for your console game controllers, be it Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The Power Pyramid comes in three different flavours: one that will charge four Xbox 360 controllers, one that will charge four PlayStation 3 controllers and a Supreme Pyramid that will charge two Xbox 360 and two PlayStation 3 controllers in one go. In this review I will be covering the Xbox 360 version, however the same impressions can be carry over to the PlayStation and Supreme units, where the main differences only lay with the specific platform charging bays and connectors.

Fresh out of the box the Power Pyramid is striking, thanks to its Stealth Fighter inspired looks. Rather than being a perfectly square base pyramid the Power Pyramid has a more squashed base shape that is longer in its width rather than its depth. With its angled plastic panels and columns, this charging unit certainly stands out when poised on top of your entertainment shelf or cabinet.

The Konnet Power Pyramid for Xbox 360

The Power Pyramid comes in black or white and silver for the Supreme version. It is made from a toughened plastic material, which keeps it solid yet light. Two columns that make up the height of the pyramid rise up from two of the base panels of the Pyramid, forming an overall height of just 18 cm. This height allows for each column to house two individual clear plastic docking bays for your controllers to plug into and rest on. The bundled AC adapter plugs directly into a socket underneath the Pyramid, and the rubber feet on the base allows enough of a gap for the AC cable to run out of the base without interfering with how the station stands.

With its sharp angles and protruding arms the Power Pyramid can look out of place on its own, thankfully though, it all starts to make sense once you connect all four available Xbox 360 controllers into each of its four charging bays. Connecting your controllers into the Power Pyramid is as simple as plugging a controller into each of the cradled power socket bays, and your are instantly charging away.

Whilst charging your controllers the Power Pyramid lights up a reassuring red LED on each of its four charging points. Once your controller is fully charged the red LED will turn blue, which is your queue to disconnect them, or leave them connected and let the Power Pyramid’s Intelligent charging design to automatically switch them off and avoid overcharging them.

Red and blue LEDs, located in each bay, inform you of each pad’s charging state

As long as one controller is connected the Power Pyramid’s LEDs will remain lit. It would have been good to see these LED lights glow or dim whilst your controllers are plugged in, as the LED lights are far from discreet. With all four controllers connected it can illuminate the whole area like it’s Christmas. This Christmas tree-like illumination can be easily distracting if you have the Power Pyramid located anywhere near your TV – it certainly had me disconnecting each controller when they were fully charged.

Charging time is stated to be within 6 hours, however this may vary greatly depending on what rechargeable pack you are charging, be it an official or third-party battery pack, as well as its age and health.

PlayStation 3 (left) and hybrid Supreme (right) Power Pyramid versions

With its fairly small footprint, the Power Pyramid is a perfect solution for gamers who use and regularly run out of charge for all four (or more) controllers, however I personally feel that four charging bays may be a little overkill for most gamers, who would only go as far as charging no more than two controllers (or battery packs) at a time. If you own both Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles then I would definitely recommended checking out the silver Supreme version, with its two Xbox 360 and two PlayStation 3 charging bays. Two charging bays are enough for most gamers, and being able to charge two controllers of either platform type, all in a single power station, whilst reducing the amount of unplugged charging cables, that has got to be the Holy Grail for gamers seeking a tidier gaming den.

You can buy all versions of the Power Pyramid from Amazon for £24.99

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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