Fuzion Frenzy 2 is the sequel to Fuzion Frenzy, a party game that was first developed by Blitz Games. Fuzion Frenzy 2, however, is being developed by Hudson, who some might know as the folks who work on the Mario Party franchise. A demo was recently released on Xbox Live Marketplace, and it appears from that demo that Hudson has made a very solid party title for the Xbox 360.

There are three different playable game modes in the demo for Fuzion Frenzy 2. They are called Conveyor Belt Chaos, Sumo Paint and Ice Treasure Hunt. However, the demo also includes the titles and a brief description of what one would assume to be all of the other mini-games that will be in the final retail copy of the game. If you wish to see what those are, please scroll down to the bottom of these preview. For those of you who are still with me up here, the three different mini-games included in the demo are fantastic representations of what people should come to expect of the game. The first mini-game, Conveyor Belt Chaos, has you in a fork-lift where you must pick up boxes and place them in your corner. The person with the most boxes in their respective corner wins. You can pick up the neutral boxes that drop from the sky, or you can sneak over to your opponent’s corner and steal their boxes and take them for your own. It is a very simple concept, yet very fun, which is a theme throughout the three playable games in the demo. For example, in Sumo Paint, all you do is roll around a ball around a platform and color the circles in your color. The one with the most colors represented on the board wins. Ice Treasure Hunt, you use a flamethrower and melt ice that is encapsulating coins. The one with the most coins wins. Sometimes, simple is better.

There are six playable characters shown in the demo, and they are pretty generic and non-descript “futuristic” humans. The character models and environments are passable, but they are nothing to write home about. Fuzion Frenzy’s graphics could be best described as looking like Xbox 1.5, but seeing as it is just a party game, crafting mind-blowing graphics are not something that should be a high priority during development. One of the things that really impressed me personally was the fabulous load times. Getting in and out of a mini-game is lightning quick, which is very nice to see.

All in all, Fuzion Frenzy 2 appears to be shaping up as a party game that has a lot of pick-up and play value due to the simple, fast-paced nature of the gameplay. If you are a fan of party games, you and your friends should keep a watchful eye on this title. Fuzion Frenzy 2 is set for released on November 7th, 2006.

Mini-Game List

Conveyor Belt Chaos*
Sumo Paint*
Ice Treasure Hunt*
Electric Rumble — “A battle royale game where players fight with punches and kicks on a stage enclosed by high voltage electrical currents.”
Tube Racer — “A racing game where players race in a tubular course towards the goal while avoiding being shocked.”
Robo Battle — “A game where players use power loaders to try to knock each other off the moving floor.”
Loader Madness — “A game where players gather coins and dodge electrical currents while riding berserk power loaders that can only move forward.”
Amoeba Hunting — “A game where players grab and throw bombs to defeat the continually appearing amoebas.”
Judgment Tower — “A survival game where players press buttons in a set order, and the platform of the player with the slowest input breaks apart.”
Conveyor Smash — “A battle royale game where players fight using the various hammers taken from the item boxes moving down the conveyor belt.”
Collision Collusion — “A survival game where players are alternately made “it” for a period of time, and must avoid a constant downpour of junk.”
Turbine Coin Collector — “A game where players try to collect coins atop a berserk turbine that changes the speed and direction of its rotations.
Turbine Jumper — “A game where players jump and duck to avoid the succession of lasers that approach as the turbine rotates.”
Flamethrower Madness — “A battle game where the flamethrowers only work once the players has picked up an oil tank.”
Turret Termination — “A game where players battle in tanks on a stage where power up items appear and the walls move as time passes.”
Cash Clash — “A battle royale game where the player chosen by the roulette wheel fights for the coins that appear using hammer attacks.”
Hot Shot — “A game where players deflect balls flying around the stage to change them to their own color so they can gain points by sending the balls into each other’s goals.
Pinball Battle — “A game where players try to avoid giant balls ricocheting around the walls of the enclosed stage.”
Power Supply — “A game where players try to produce more power than their competitors by running on a machine that converts their movement into electricity.”
Kaleidoscope Survival — “A survival game where players use the energy attacks of capsules they pick up to destroy walls that bear down on them.”
Mystery Laser Rumble — “A game where players fight with punches and kicks in a stage filled with switches that produce various effects when stepped upon.”
Super Slam Dunk — “A game where players scramble for the ball in a low gravity stage and try to dunk the balls in the goals located high above.”
Cargo Chaos — “A survival game where players fight to avoid being sucked outside through the open cargo bay doors of a spaceship.”
Tail Blazer — “A game where players defeat other players by making them run into the tail of light trailing behind their vehicles.”
Debris Field Derby — “A game where players struggle to avoid the endless stream of meteors coming at them head on.”
Coin Drop — “A game where players try to collect coins floating in the air as they descend down a cylindrical course.”
Underwater Rumble — “An underwater battle royale game where players fight with punches and kicks while replenishing their oxygen using bubbles.
Aqua Blast — “A game where players try to knock each other off the slowly crumbling circular stage with high-pressure water guns.”
Hopping No Stopping — “A game where players use hopping machines to move between the platforms floating in a lake while stomping the heads of creatures that surface.”
Aqua Hunter — “A game where players try to collect the coins in the streams of water gushing out of the hole in the center of the stage.”
Over the Falls — “A game where players attempt to cross the water by correctly pressing the buttons indicated above platforms drifting towards a waterfall.”
Don’t Sink the Boat — “An endurance game where players try to stay afloat by spraying the water flooding their boat into the boats of other players.
Ice Rumble — “A battle royale game where players use punches and kicks to fight in an icy stage surrounded by sharp icicles.”
Ice Sculpture — “A game where players compete to see who can use their water gun to remove the ice covering their statue the fastest.”
Icebreaker — “A game where players compete to topple the most pillars by swinging hammers.”
Ice Billiards — “A game where players use punches and kicks to slide ice blocks with coins frozen inside into their own colored goals.”
Magma Rumble — “A battle royale game where players fight with punches and kicks atop rocks floating in hot lava.”
Cool Your Jets — “A game where players spray water from atop moving gondolas and try to douse the most leaping fireballs.”
Thermal Detonator — “A battle game where players fight with bombs on a stage that breaks apart due to explosions.”
Volcanic Panic — “A battle game where players attack each other by catching and shooting falling volcanic rocks.”
Sumo Clash — “A game where players try to ram each other off the stage while riding spherical vehicles.”
Magma Escape — “A game where players run and dodge obstacles while trying to avoid being engulfed by a looming wave of magma.”
Hop to it — “A game where players try to hold on to the flag while using hopping machines to move between platforms floating in lava.”

*Described in preview

Originally Written By: Art Green

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