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How Games Can Increase Productivity While Using Technological Gadgets

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves distracted by technological gadgets. While this may be a good thing for many of us, there are some people who struggle to stay focused on their work while trying to multitask with technology. 

Games can help increase productivity when using technological gadgets. Remember, it’s important to develop productive hobbies for the best results in your work field. You can view here for more tips on developing these habits.

Otherwise, here are five ways that games can be beneficial for getting more done.

Games offer goal setting opportunities 

If you want to make sure something gets completed by a certain date, set up goals and rewards within the game. This will motivate you (and others) to complete tasks earlier than planned. 

Additionally, if someone is struggling with completing their task they may need extra motivation because it’s too difficult or time-consuming for them at this point in time. You could give them smaller daily/weekly goals so that they have several mini-deadlines to stay on track.

Games can help teach skills 

If you’re trying to learn a new skill, it might not always be the most effective by yourself at home. However, if there is an in-app option or an online multiplayer game that targets a specific topic, it could very well prove helpful.

For example, you can use the game “The Impossible Line” when learning how to draw straight lines and better manage your time management. 

This way your gaming hobby actually helps improve focus and accuracy.  You can also look into other games that will target reading comprehension which is often difficult for dyslexic students. 

That’s why they need extra support from technology so they don’t feel left out of the fun activities their peers are doing during school breaks.

Games give you opportunities to expand your knowledge 

Another way that games can be beneficial is through expanding your knowledge. There are many online games where you have the opportunity to answer trivia questions while playing. Even the recent Assassin’s Creed titles have a large number of learning about the world and environments you play in, by simply asking non-player characters in the game.

This helps improve memory recall and overall learning too. You can play such games using the latest technological gadgets like iPads and iPhones.

It’s a win-win situation because not only will it help increase productivity but also gives you something interesting to do during downtime or when travelling with friends/family. 

You could even make up fun little competitions every weekend about who knows more facts on random topics.  Lastly, if someone needs support in certain classes like math they may want an option for easily checking their work within the game outside of being graded by teachers at school.

They can be a great motivator 

Another way games can increase productivity is through motivation. Let’s say you have to complete ten math problems and it would take roughly 30 minutes if done all at once.

Instead, offer yourself breaks throughout the day so that you only spend five or ten minutes per set of problems. You could also look into earning badges as your reward for completing this goal.

Games give opportunities for creativity and expression 

Lastly, many people use technology as a way to express themselves creatively. They may enjoy writing stories or playing around with a variety of different colors and shapes. 

You can use this as an opportunity for expression by doing things from creating your own avatar in the game, drawing pictures on paper/online, or even animating characters.

This way they have several outlets that will help them learn different skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Games allow players to participate from the comfort of their own home 

Lastly, many people can’t get out much because it’s not always safe for them to do certain tasks. This is why games are great options since they provide ways for individuals who don’t want/can’t go outside or travel with others.

You may even be able to play while another person controls your character if you need assistance in real life too. The point is there are various reasons why technology helps increase productivity and make work more fun. It’s important we find time every day (or week) where we use these.

As you can see, technology has played a major role in increasing productivity through games. With the introduction of online various apps and good gadgets, it’s possible to enjoy everything online and still remain productive.


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