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It’s no doubt that Gears of War is one the most intense experiences on the Xbox 360. In fact, right above my desk at work I’ve got a nice and firery GoW poster. But let’s be honest, I need more. For everyone out there looking to adorn their desks and workspaces with the likes of the Cole-train (who is, believe it or not, at home on the rails), I give you the NECA Gears of War series website.

The site shows off four figures in the larger series; Fenix, Cole, Locust Drone and Locust Sniper. And while each figure is absolutely brilliant, there is one that I’d like to take some time to describe and show off.

About three weeks ago now, I was given the chance to go to this year’s New York Comic Convention. NECA had a booth there dedicated to their pop culture figure line. Within, one was able to check out the Gears lineup. One figure garnered crowds of onlookers, breathing heavily on the thin pane of glass separating them from the awesome. This bad boy was the brainchild of one of NECA’s designers. As described to the crowd at the Gears panel during the con, this one man was home over Christmas when he had a vision: Headshot Locust. A figure that depicts the moment directly after a bullet leaves the head of an unknowing locust. Brain and chin sent high and low, splitting the difference is a splatter of goop. Incredible. This one will be on my desk when it comes out. The figures are set to be available sometime this spring.

Originally Written By: Joey

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