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In the depths of the 02 Arena in London at twenty-past three this afternoon, David Reeves and Kaz Hirai both paraded onto stage to discuss the PlayStation 3. Not just the PS3 mind, but PlayStation as a brand including facts and figures on the PS2 and PSP as well as discussing details on some new games for the latest console.

This was the Sony PlayStation Day, one of the first to be staged in the UK and showcase what Sony has to offer within the PlayStation spectrum. We all know the console has failed to ignite any initial sparks to consumers but with sales increasing given the recent release of GTA IV, it was inveitable Sony would want to try and woe the British gaming public some more.

It opened with some bold statements too as the SCEE boss David Reeves proudly announced that Sony was now beating Microsoft in the next-generation console battle. In Europe that is and it isn’t exactly going to catch up with Microsoft’s console any-time soon worldwide.

Still Reeves was proud to state that the PS3 had now outsold the Xbox 360 across European countries, ensuring the words ‘even though they launched sixteen months before PS3’ were thrown into the mix to cause some stir amongst the Xbox fans.

The figures then stand at 5 million [PS3’s sold through Europe] and Sony are proud of the fact it has been acheived in a similar time frame as to sales of the PS2 which was at a significantly lower cost to consumers. Reeves claimed that the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 since October 2007 with sales improving particulary now due to the latest price cut. However bold the comparisons were to the Xbox 360, there was a distinct lack of mention of Wii and how it compared to Nintendo’s hit ‘casual’ console.

We were also treated to more figure boasting of 12 million PSP handheld sales and 48 million of the trusty PS2 having shifted through stores in Europe. 3.2 million gamers are now also registered on the PlayStation Network and more than 57 million items of content have been thrusted down pipelines to people’s consoles from the PlayStation Store.

Back in the casual quarter, EyeToy games have reached figures of 6.7 million, Buzz! a quizical 6 million and SingStar warbles its way in at 12 million.

So back to what we’re interested in then, the juicy tidbits of the conference. Well Kaz was proud to announce that LittleBigPlanet will retail in October and will ‘revolutionise’ how we interact with games. Interesting claims, especially when Wii owners would perhaps state we already have a new and exciting type of interaction with our games.

Then Reeves announced that Killzone 2 would be released in February 2009 and showed a jaw-dropping trailer to audiences inside. It should be good.

We’re a little excited about Metal Gear Solid 4 which will be released worldwide on June 12th and to whet our appetites some more and hopefully shift some more consoles following the success of the GTA IV bundle, Sony announced a limited edition package minus the steel grey colour that Japan and the USA will receive. Seems double-standards are happening again, tut tut.

Resistance: Fall of Man was a pretty strong launch title for the PS3 and Resistance 2 details filtered through at the show. The Insomniac boss Ted Price was welcomed onto stage to reveal tidbits from the sequel including focussing on creating ‘equal quality’ game modes and an overhaul of the Resistance website.

The Play TV was the next focus with a release pencilled in for September and a price tag of 80 Euros. But since we’re British that’ll be £78, but expect that oh so dodgy exchange rate to ramp it up some more.

Sony also revealed an X-Factor style competition for SingStar, with people being welcomed to sing and make tits of themselves as they attempt to get their song into the PlayStation SingStar store. Yes it’ll be on a television near you soon…

Not content with making popstars, Sony are encouraging children to play with swords in the latest EyeToy game. Eyetoy: Heroes as it is dubbed will allow you to save the world and a cheerleader. Presumably to avoid any problems with the nanny press complaining children are being taught to sword fight. EyeToy Pom Pom Party was also mentioned briefly for those who like to dance in frilly skirts and flash some sexy knickers to an unsuspecting family member.

Finally MotorStorm 2 was given a name. Pacific Rift will be based in Hawaii where all the sexy hula girls hang out and hopefully Kristen Bell [of Forgetting Sarah Marshall film fame] romancing with Russell Brand. Well we can dream but the promise of ‘interactive vegetation’ is nontheless something to get very excited about. If your car isn’t big enough to get over some grass, it’ll get stuck. Lovely!

So that was the PlayStation Day in a nutshell for those of you who get bored of trailing the other news sites. We’ll bring you more on each of the games and services announced as the months progress and leave your comments on the PlayStation Day announcements below!


Rob Rymond

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