New Ghost Recon Will Have Kinect Support

New Ghost Recon Will Have Kinect Support

Microsoft today revealed during their E3 demos that the newest Ghost Recon title will be Kinect compatible.The game will let gamers use an all new 'gunsmith' mode which will involve players creating their own weapons with sliding options and hand gestures within the game, much like Tony Stark in the Ironman films.You will also be able to use voice commands to instantly assemble certain weapons and you simply watch on as everything simply clicks into place.Guillemot even went as far to say "all future Tom Clancy games will use Kinect in some form or another."This perhaps also sheds light on why the game has been delayed for so long, perhaps Guillemot was simply waiting for the Kinect and wanted to harness it's capability before releaseing the next Tom Clancy title.
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