Minecraft coming to 360 Kinect

If you’re a PC gamer, Minecraft is already a household name. Mining away for hours to collect stone, just to build an amazing structure and then accidentally burn it down with a bucket of lava. Ahhh, the memories.

Just accounced fresh from E3 2011 is Minecraft 360 with Kinect support. Hopefully we will see some actual footage in the coming days but it is sure to be a massive hit for 360 owners. How it all translate to Kinect is to be seen but if it manages to retain the creative nature of the PC game, 360 owners will love it.


Barrie Rogers

Like many of the Staff on Console Monster, Barrie likes playing games. Spanning the aeons of time, he has played games on various formats and tends to play games because they are fun and not just because a certain company makes them. He enjoys a good shooter but tends to focus around Team-based and objective based gameplay. Also has a unhealthy obsession with Loot Collecting games. So, if you can make a Team and objective based loot-whoring game, he will play it. Also, has a thing about Zombies

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