Let’s just get this out of the way: Twisted metal if just plain freaking amazing. What’s better than blowing up cars using your own car’s tricked out arsenal mods? Not much my friend, not much. In fact, that’s pretty much everything Twisted Metal is on the PlayStation 3: Fast-paced, explosive, and devastating vehicular combat. It’s just plain pure fun.

I must say, the more I played Twisted Metal, the more I liked it. The vehicular combat is pretty intense, particularly in the multiplayer. Yes, this game has online multiplayer, and yes, it’s a bundle of fun. When I first picked up the game and loaded it on my PlayStation 3, I was very skeptical and didn’t expect to get much fun out of it.

The first thing I tried was the online multiplayer. The first match made me think “eh, could be better;” second match, “yeah, this is pretty good;” third match and beyond, “wow, this is a fantastic experience!” It was just so simple, but just deep enough for you to feel your wild inner self come out and say “I love blowing up cars!” You get a grand level of euphoria when you play the multiplayer component. It’s incredibly customizable and rewarding. I’ve had fun with online multiplayer before, but this is just plain exhilarating.

You get an adrenaline rush every time you play this game. It’s not as easy as it looks. Yes, the controls are relatively simple and the concept rather trivial, but there are equally (if not more) powerful and well-equipped players out there ready to blow your vehicle to dust. However, the entire multiplayer experienced is almost perfectly balanced. Yes, some vehicles and loadouts have their cheap or over-powered features, but for the most part the multiplayer is entirely fair in every way.

There are so many different cars and loadouts to choose from. Some of them are massive and heavily armored, where others are small, lightly armored and very quick. You also have your in-the-middle guys for those of you who just cannot decide what extreme you want to go to. All of the vehicles are heavily armed with whatever you need to devastate the battlefield. The multiplayer just doesn’t get old, no matter how much you play it. You can even fly helicopters, which are of course loaded up with massive amounts of weaponry. Whether you take the battle to the air, or the ground, there’s plenty of devastation to be caused when you are playing Twisted Metal.

It can get frustrating at times when you are a new player, going against the more experienced veterans of the game’s multiplayer mode, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no shortage of the fun you’ll have.

Most of the multiplayer map environments are completely destructible. It might not be as glorious as it is in DICE’s Frostbite engine series, but it’s just as fun. All of it runs exceptionally well on the PlayStation 3. Even the outstanding graphics don’t even phase the PS3 graphical processing power (which is very much known to be somewhat inferior to that of the Xbox 360). The buildings can be demolished, the mailboxes run over, and the roads blackened. It all adds up to a seamless multiplayer action experience.

That’s one of the highlights of Twisted Metal: the graphical presentation. It’s not the most realistic graphics of all time, but it’s perfectly fitted to the game in every way. My only complaint towards the graphics is the single-player cutscenes which appear to be live-action. It’s like watching a bad movie scene in grayscale. Luckily, this is a relatively minor complaint in such a superb and fun game.

The single-player aspects of Twisted Metal are not as brilliant as the multiplayer is. However, the campaign is definitely nothing to scoff at. It is still very fun. Let me give you the gist and breakdown of what you need to know. Essentially, there is a battle race going down, and the winner gets a free wish (whatever he/she desires). There are 3 essential contestants, and each one is played and shelled out in a separate chapter. While the story itself is rather trivial, the single-player gameplay is not.

There are three major bosses that you face in the game, and they are not easy. However, they are fun as hell to battle. You may try several times before you win the battle, but it’ll be well worth it. When I finally beat the second boss on my fifth try (yes, I’m that bad at it), I got an overwhelming feeling of a rewarding experience. It even has a decent replay value for the single-player, though it doesn’t last very long. The part that will ultimately keep you playing Twisted Metal is the multiplayer. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Twisted Metal’s multiplayer component has unlimited replayability to it. That may not be 100% accurate, but I’ll back it as long as I’m still playing Twisted Metal on my PlayStation 3.

Every bit of Twisted Metal is exciting. There’s not too much I can say is better. Well, Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls were the best game ever released, but I’ll leave that to another article. All you need to know is that Twisted Metal is easily one of the best games released to the PlayStation 3. It may not be the mammoth of all games, but it sure is fun-as-hell. The more you play it the more you’ll love it.

I can’t speak for the entire world, because this game is not for everyone. The cutscenes can get quite violent, and the explosions do get repetitive to certain groups of gamers, but Twisted Metal is definitely superb. I haven’t had too many experiences where I review a game and then continue to play it on a regular basis, but this game is one of the few that breaks this rule. Twisted Metal isn’t perfect, but most gamers will enjoy this game regardless of genre-loyalty. Twisted Metal is one of the most rewarding multiplayer experiences a gamer can have.

Matthew Spurr

Matthew is a young gamer from the USA. He's always been fascinated by video games, and gaming has devoured more of his life than even sleeping has. Matthew has always been dedicated to bringing only the finest content to the sites he writes for. He has always been good with computers, but his passions are still gaming and writing (as well as Batman). Matthew is always happy, as long as he has a fresh glass of cold lemonade beside him.

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