Toast Nintendo Switch Real Wood Cover Impressions

I adore the use of real wood with modern electronics. As you’ve seen again and again, the guys over at Toast are masters of making our cold, modern technology look a bit more natural and warming. I’ve tried nearly every type of product they produce and I’ve never been dissatisfied. I’ve “toasted” every gadget I own, save for my iPhone (WINK WINK). So what’s getting the real wood treatment this time? Why it’s the ever popular hybrid game console, the Nintendo Switch!

As with all of their covers, the application is fully explained with the included instructions. I consider myself a bit clumsy when it comes to any sort of adhesive, but even I have yet to completely screw up applying any of their covers. With a good window of opportunity to remove and adjust the cover, you’ll have plenty of time for some ‘do-overs’. Really, it’s not anywhere near as scary as it may look.

In about six minutes my Switch was fully decked-out in the lovely Rosewood you see here. Of all my console covers, I think this might be my favorite. It really adds a retro feel to the Switch dock, and makes it appear more like a piece of furniture than a hollow plastic game charging stand. Which let’s be real, that’s all it is.

I’ll be honest though, after taking these shots I did remove the cover from the switch itself. I personally didn’t like the clashing of the wood with my red and teal JoyCons. I imagine it would look much better on the solid black versions. That and I didn’t like the bit of friction that now occurs when loading the switch into the dock. It’s from the two wood covers rubbing against each other, and not the Switch, so it honestly might be a great way to prevent the dreaded screen scratching that has been known to happen in early models of the Switch. And for those of you wondering; yes, the cover removes perfectly, leaving no residue or damage to the console.

So once again, Toast proves to be the kings of aesthetically pleasing game covers. If I see another cheap flaming skull cover, I’ll.. I’ll.. send them over to the guys and girls of

Toast Nintendo Switch Cover




  • Fantastic aesthetic
  • Easy to apply/remove
  • Complete transforms your console


  • Rubs a bit when docking

Justin Ortiz

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