SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset Review

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In my last headset review I covered the stunning SteelSeries 7XB wireless headset, made for Xbox 360 gamers, so I couldn’t leave PlayStation gamers without their very own headset solution. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 full-size headset fits the bill, and much more, so read on if you are on the look for a headset for your PlayStation 3 console, or even your Xbox 360 infact!

Whilst unboxing this PlayStation 3 compatible headset the quality build and feel of the headset soon comes apparent. This is one sturdy and solid pair of cans. Inside the box you’ll find the Siberia v2 headset itself, a Siberia v2 AudioMixer with 3.5mm headphone jack and USB connection, an RCA passthrough audio cable, and an Xbox Live 2.5mm Audio Cable that connects the AudioMixer to an Xbox controller.

Yes, you read that right, the Siberia v2 is more than just a PS3 headset, it can also be used on an Xbox 360 as well as PC and Mac desktops. Thanks to the bundled AudioMixer unit, the Siberia v2 can plug into your console or desktop’s USB port for power, whilst the 3.5mm headphone jack can plug into any audio socket on your desktop, TV and AV Amp, or simply plug directly to the console via the included RCA passthrough cable.

The SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset for PS3 (Xbox 360, PC/Mac also compatible)

Looking at the important part of the Siberia v2, the headphones, as headphones go the Siberia v2 is a generously sized pair of cans. This size is for a reason though; with the fair sized, padded over-ear leather padded earcups, and the over-the-head suspension head bar, this headset is has not only got a premium quality feel to them but they also feel comfortable to wear too.

The suspension over-the-head band is the first I’ve personally seen and worn on any headset. An outer solid plastic band helps support the overall structure and shape of the headset, whilst the inner suspension headband stretches over your head just like a rubber band and keeps the headset firmly in position. Seeing a headband supported by a few tiny bungies may look odd and a little fragile, but trust me, it is solid and works really well. When in position, the headband eventually comes near the outer plastic band supports, and it is this that helps to reassure the headset’s position and feel when worn correctly.

The earcups are soft to the touch and features leather-skinned padded foam that has been engineered to reduce any outside noise and help you focus on the more important things, like the audio that is pumping through the 50 mm drivers inside. You won’t find any controls on the outside of either earcup on the Siberia v2, all this is handled on the AudioMixer dongle that the headset’s Microphone and Audio 3.5mm jacks plug into.

The SteelSeries retractable microphone system (left) and USB AudioMixer (right)

The bundled SteelSeries AudioMixer is a tidy little box, no bigger than a Zippo lighter in size, and features various connections for the headset and cables that go into your console or desktop. The previously mentioned, Microphone, Stereo sockets and the Xbox 2.5mm socket feature on one end of the AudioMixer. This Xbox 2.5mm socket allows Xbox gamers to connect and use the headset’s microphone with Microsoft’s console by plugging in the bundled cable between the AudioMixer and your Xbox 360 controller.

Two independent Voice and Game volume dials are also located on one side of the AudioMixer, whilst over on the other side is the LiveMix slider, that can be positioned between Off, Low, Medium and High settings. Setting the LiveMix levels to a higher setting will result in the increased level of decibels that will be reduced from your game’s main audio and will allow you to hear voice communication audio much more clearly. Finally, a large thumb-sized microphone mute switch is located on the main face of the AudioMixer, which can be slid up and down to activate and deactivate the microphone.

Like on most SteelSeries headsets, you’ll find the microphone boom poised in a retractable system in the left earcup of the Siberia v2. Not only does this give you the ability to choose how much the microphone bends around to your face and mouth, but it can also be easily stowed away to make this headset look like a normal stereo headset. This rather discreet functionality will not make you look silly if you were to use them on the bus, and the headset’s short cord is great if you do wish to use these on the move.

The 50mm drivers and over-the-head band bring quality and comfort to the Siberia v2

The audio quality of the Siberia v2 is excellent. It’s over the ear earcups and 50mm audio drivers pack a mighty fine punch to your earholes, giving you good bass response for explosions and gunfire in FPS games and good treble for music and vocal audio. Audio positioning is also very good in shooters, which is again helped by the good quality audio drivers inside.

If you are looking for a wired headset for your PS3, or you are looking for a headset that will work on a number of platforms, then I thoroughly recommend that you take the Siberia v2 headset for a listen. There is nothing chilly about this unit, other than its cool looks and ice-clear sound.

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