SteelSeries Flux Headset Review

The SteelSeries Flux headset is advertised as being their most customisable and versatile headset they have ever developed. Everyone has their own perceptions on how customisable a headset should be, however SteelSeries sees this as style over form or function. Luckily, attention to the audio performance has not been forgotten about here, which makes these set of cans not only stylish but also a pleasure for your ears too.

The SteelSeries Flux Headset for PC/Mac, Console, Mobiles, Tablets & MP3 Devices

The Flux’s great style and looks are apparent from the first glimpse of its packaging. The headset is in full show, seen through the clean and simple orange and transparent cover. With the cover removed, you are met with the headset itself, two colour caps (in my case black) and a pair of cables to connect the headset to your PC/Mac, console, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player.

Looking at the headset itself, the Flux is one of the smallest in the range of headsets from SteelSeries – it’s a tidy little package. With over-head headphones being the trend on the streets at the moment, you would struggle to not look ‘cool’ wearing a pair of these on your head. The Flux is an on-ear headset, which means both ear cups sit on your ears rather than around them. Thankfully they do well without causing too much bulk around your head and do not look like you are wearing a pair of coconuts over your head.

Various colour options are available for ear cups, cushions and cables

Covering each ear cup is a detachable magnetised plastic plate. These plates snap on to the outside of each ear cup, and it is here where the customisation options for the Flux begins. When purchasing directly from SteelSeries, you can choose from the various colour options and designs of each ear cup plate, ear cushions and cables to personalise the appearance of the headset to your liking. Doing so will mean you’ll be paying more than the cost of a stock all black or all white Flux from other retailers, but that is the price you have to pay for customisation.

Stowing away the Flux, when not in use or to place in your bag, is made easy thanks to the folding headband and rotating ear cups. Folding and rotating each component reduces the overall size of the headset, and turns what can be a bulky or inconvenient object into an easily stowaway one. It clearly isn’t as convenient as a pair of earbuds, but for a full over-head headset, it compacts down fairly well.

When wearing the Flux for the first time it was immediate to notice that the headphone wears a little tight on the head and ears. Joggers may appreciate this support, but for everyday use the pressure may prove to be too much for any long length of time. After some use the Flux will eventually become more forgiving around the head and become more comfortable, just as long as you are prepared to sit though this early phase.

Stowing away the Flux is made easy thanks to its folding headband

As expected with other SteelSeries headsets, the build quality of the Flux is solid, and this continues through to the headset’s audio quality also. For an on-ear headset, the Flux’s audio quality is very good. The slight increased pressure (mentioned earlier) from the headband on the ears help to drown out any outside noise and helps to keep its sound inside your ears. With the quality of drivers in each ear cup you’ll be hearing some impressive bass and good treble from your audio source, making music and gaming on the Flux very respectable.

As I mentioned earlier, the Flux comes with two sets of cables. Both of these cables can be detached and connected to either left or right side ear cup, and each come with an in-line microphone attached to them. Each cable is best suited to the device that you plan on plugging it into: One cable is best suited for smartphones, MP3 players and tablets, due to its single 3.5mm input/output jack and ‘function’ switch located on the cable. The alternative cable will suit PC and console gamers who require separate output/input 3.5 jacks and an inline microphone with a sliding mute switch – SteelSeries certainly has all options covered here.

Two cables come bundled with the Flux, for various connection types

If sharing music with your buddies is your thing, and both of you have a spare 3.5mm male to male cable handy, You can connect two pairs of Flux headsets together, by connecting them with a single audio lead into each available connection socket located on the headset’s ear cup.

Whether it is listening to music, VOIP or playing games on your PC, Mac or games console, the Flux is a well rounded set of on-ear headphones that surprise in both their style, size and overall quality.

RRP: £79.99

Best Price: ASDA £54.97 (Stock Black or White)

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