SingStar : Take That Review

With around thirty different titles and dozens of downloadable songs, SingStar must be one of Sony’s most recognised brands in this Beautiful World. Hairbrush wannabe pop-stars have recently been able to warble along to Queen and ABBA tracks, now Sony have extended the series with a further band dedicated title. With rumours floating around that Robbie Williams may be meeting up with his former group for a reunion, devotees have been wondering if he might be Back For Good, which seems like the perfect time for the release of the game. The real question is: Could It Be Magic?

If you’ve ever played any of this series of games before, SingStar Take That Promises a familiar experience. The idea is a simple one, sing into the solid and weighty microphones to your favourite song, score points and win – it has a feel good factor about it. SingStar works in a very formulaic way, so is unlikely to Reach Out to hard-core gamers and nor is it trying to. For those people who are fans of the band and fancy a fun karaoke party game, there definitely a lot here to keep things entertaining. The usual games modes are available, such as the solo career where the player sings for points, Battle where you challenge an opponent or in the case of the practice mode, simply Do What U Like.

As with other games in series, the ability to put another SingStar title in the console is present, at which point Everything Changes in the available track listing. Similarly the SingStar Store can be accessed via PSN allowing for the download of other songs to croon along to. Recent changes here mean you Never Forget which of these have already been paid for and sit in your collection. Loading songs Only Takes a Minute so Patience isn’t really required; players definitely need not sit there feeling like I’d Wait For Life for the track to turn up on screen before the vocals start.

People who are not big enthusiasts of the band are probably thinking that the tracks available will simply be A Million Love Songs; whilst it’s true that many of the songs are ballads, there’s still a good variation of tempos in the twenty-five available, such as Babe, Rule the World, Love Ain’t Here Anymore and Why Can’t I Wake Up With You, covering their career from the early stuff to the more recent releases. For someone with a limited vocal range, a number of the songs are quite tricky to master, making it the Greatest Day when you nail the solos. In fact all the titles in this SingStar outing are irritatingly hummable and could well Relight My Fire for collecting the remaining games in the franchise.

For those not afraid of having their picture taken, the game supports the Eye Toy camera allowing players to play back or even upload their attempts to the community web site. It’s also possible to watch or perhaps laugh at other people’s attempts at mimicking their pop idols.

Once You’ve Tasted Love that the SingStar series provides, it’s difficult to look at the alternatives. Games such as Lips on the Xbox360 simply struggle to Hold Up A Light against Sony’s finely honed experience. SingStar Take That is polished to a Shine and will be Sure to keep your neighbours Up All Night with amateur vocal destruction. Let us just Pray that there’s no SingStar Spice Girls in the works.

There, I think I Said It All.


Marty Greenwell

Marty has been gaming since the heady years of the ZX-81 and still owns most of the gaming systems purchased since those days, including the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum, SNES, Jaguar, Dreamcast and GameCube. Being a collection junkie (or more accurately, hoarder), he buys more games than he can possibly play, far too many of which are still sealed in their packaging. Marty favours RPGs and Driving games when it comes to genres, and is possibly a little bit too addicted to Disgaea. When not gaming he’s out frightening OAPs on his motorcycle, clad in black leather.

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