Set in the year 2084 and in the city of Paris, people’s memories have been uploaded to the internet for a company called Memorize. All the personal memories of the inhabitants can be digitised, bought, sold and even traded through the black market. With Capcom at the helm of this game after the Devil May Cry (DMC) reboot I thought I’d get my hands on this new IP and see what’s in store.

You play as Nilin, who is our protagonist within the game and has a fairly complex story behind her, which I shall not go into too much detail. Nilin is a former elite memory hunter who has the ability to break into people’s minds to either rob their memories or alter them to change the outcome. This is called the Memory Remix.

The game starts off with Nilin being captured in a padded cell and has her last remaining memories wiped. Once past the intro of the game you start to enter the city of Paris, and boy does it look great! The developers, Dontnod Entertainment, have made this city a surreal place to live in. On the corners of the alleys you will come across memory junkies, addicted to quick fixes of having a memory that they can be happy with. On the other hand you get to see people buying memories from memory bank kiosks.

Neo-Paris is a city begging to be explored, and therein lies the problem — you can’t. Ledges and platforms can only be used when marked with an obvious augmented arrow, and you often can’t go back the way you came. Nilin has two primary tools at her disposal; stealing memories and remixing them. Stolen memories allows Nilin to take the memory stealthily in order to get information and also codes to unlock certain doors. Remixing on the other hand allows her to change someone’s whole memory inside their head. Now this may sound strange but let’s look at it closer. You can change physical things around in the memory, for instance you can move a table or even unbuckle a cuff. Now to change the memory you have to find the glitch first, then once you have found the glitch you change the events of the memory. If the memory plays the wrong outcome you can rewind it and try again.

One great feature I found in this game has to be the combo lab. This is where you can decide on the combos when fighting against the enemies you come across. With each combo has its own effects and these effects are called Pressens, which grant health regeneration, increased attack power, or reduced cool downs for special abilities. You can change your combos at any time, even during a fight, and it lets you get the chance to experiment with it.

During the fighting you will notice the music changes with every critical hit and that is truly something, but all of this starts to fade away and becomes repetitive quite quickly. Talking about the music, the soundtrack is something I quiet enjoyed throughout the whole experience. Instead of a normal classical orchestra playing, all of this has been remixed to blend in with the whole mixing idea of the game world, while taking damage abruptly ends the amped-up tempo . When close to low health the graphics on the screen become distorted somewhat and can make things a lot harder to see, especially in a big combat section. Only once you use the health Pressens then everything becomes normal again.

The story matches the décor of the world, but it does not keep up with the overall gameplay. The story is mainly about curing Nilin’s amnesia, yet no matter how many memories she restores she never seems to change. There are so many plot twists I get the feeling that I am either heading to a climax or I am still at the beginning. Putting all of this to the side it is still a unique world to be in; and with the future set ahead I would not mind ending up in a place like it. Dontnod have made a cyberpunk world of wonders and memories that have to be explored further.

Remember Me is an interesting game, and even though it has it flaws it still wants to pull you in. At a time where the games industry is on the verge of a new cycle, Capcom have been brave enough to release a brand new IP. Dontnod has built a world of great possibilities. The combat in this game is where everything really shines and I have had a lot of fun with the combo lab; if only this was in DMC then everything would have been better. Overall the game is a good adventure for someone who just wants to relax and soak in the story and the world that this game is set in. I really got stuck into Remember Me, so much so that the days just flew by. Even though this is a new IP, Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom have brought something great to the table and it feels good to be playing something totally different than the latest Call of Duty.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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