Lips: We The 80s Review

When we think of the 80s, we think dodgy porn star moustaches and big hair dos. Pretty much the fashion disasters of yesteryear are bundled in this latest instalment of Lips for everyone to reminisce over.

And why not? The 1980s was a decade to remember, with some cracking music and the arrival of the discotheque (or nightclub for younger readers). This was the decade we went crazy for music and strived to look like the latest pop star to grace Top of the Pops on a Friday night. Aside from the crazy dance moves and jump-suits, you can be promised one thing from this disc based expansion for Lips, and that is pure fun.

We’ve had some susceptible looking playlists on previous games, but if you can name at least one star of the 80s, then they are most likely featured in the game. This is the ultimate 80s compilation disc set, one that’d do very well on an old school CD (or are we all digital these days?). It may have a slightly dodgy emo name ‘I The 80s’ but that aside, what we have on offer here is the strongest line-up on a Lips game to date.

Go on, take a look at the list below and tell us you don’t want to dash down to your local games store and make an immediate purchase? The tracks in full then:

  • The Look Of Love – ABC
  • Forever Young – Alphaville
  • Cruel Summer – Bananarama
  • Dreaming – Blondie
  • Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles
  • You’re The Inspiration – Chicago
  • Don’t Leave Me This Way – The Communards
  • Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club
  • Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure
  • Let’s Dance – David Bowie
  • Whip It – Devo
  • Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners
  • Rio – Duran Duran
  • Mirror In The Bathroom – The Beat
  • A Little Respect – Erasure
  • A Good Heart – Feargal Sharkey
  • Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  • The Power Of Love – Huey Lewis & The News
  • Don’t You Want Me – Human League
  • Centerfold – J. Geils Band
  • Bad Reputation – Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
  • Too Shy – Kajagoogoo
  • Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
  • Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
  • Kids In America – Kim Wilde
  • Celebration – Kool & The Gang
  • Our House – Madness
  • Blue Monday ’88 – New Order
  • The Riddle – Nik Kershaw
  • Love Is A Battlefield – Pat Benatar
  • Roxanne – The Police
  • Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  • Super Freak – Rick James
  • Alive And Kicking – Simple Minds
  • Tainted Love – Soft Cell
  • Gold – Spandau Ballet
  • Shout – Tears for Fears
  • Mickey – Toni Basil
  • Vienna – Ultravox
  • Don’t Go – Yazoo

Once again forty favourites are included on the disc and there are only one or two slightly odd choices to represent the decade such as ‘Devo – Whip It’, perhaps one of the hardest songs to ever grace the series. What iNis have managed to include here is certainly a guarantee that you’ll be able to pick out a song that’ll keep you singing until the small hours, whilst the neighbours batter the walls down.

In terms of the game play and engine, there has been no major change. The game still suffers from slow loading screens particularly at the beginning and there is still the major problem of disc swapping which is frustrating many who are now potentially on their fourth disc based update.

The leader boards are implemented perfectly as they have being previously, however in the songs now you’ll see your ranking appear much earlier on as you progress until eventually you win a Bronze cup and so on. The ultimate Platinum trophy can be achieved for being the best in the world – no mean feat.

Lips has no reason to change dramatically at the moment, the engine works well and is pretty solid against other karaoke titles. The actions and party instruments in the game work fairly well to give you something to work at during the instrumental sections of a song, instead of standing there waiting around.

Achievements are much cleverly implemented this time around, though only 250GS is on offer. Various songs have specific achievements for gaining a medal and this is much better than the previous generic achievements and some are devilishly hard to get.

Whilst this is the strongest expansion to date, the game is yet to be released in America, instead a series of 80s tracks have being made for download on the Lips Store. This isn’t quite the compromise that Americans have wanted and it’d be good for a release date to be firmed up over the Atlantic. The only other issue is this was released so close to Lips Party Classics in Europe, that it took some of the sheen off the previous game.

You can pick this up in bargain bins already at various stores and there is no excuse not to fish it out. The throwback to the 80s is a fantastic one and any fan needs to make this a firm purchase. We just hope that whenever the next game is released, some of the bug-bears of these last few versions are fixed. We wait with baited breath. For now enjoy the dodgy perms and tight trousers.


Rob Rymond

Currently residing between Solihull and Stoke, Rob is training to be a professional journalist at Staffordshire University. He has a wealth of experience under his belt and has been writing for 7 years despite only being 19. He thrives on news and reporting it but also dabbles with reviews as well from time to time. Outside of video games he is also a radio broadcaster (or DJ to me and you) and spends time with his girlfriend.

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