Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are. Space is an interesting place isn’t it? Firstly we have sent man to the moon, but do we really know what else is out there? Well, thanks to TopWare Interactive, we find out in their latest game called Iron Sky Invasion. Based on the 2012 film Iron Sky, the game has finally arrived on European shores, and I have put myself in the pilot seat and had the chance to play this game.

The game starts off with you playing as a space cadet, who’s freshly picked to save human kind from the Nazi spacecraft. Now this game is basically more of a flight simulator than a movie tie-in and that’s where things go wrong. There are a few narrative sequences that tells you about the story (well what there is of it) and then your pod is soon released from the international space station where you begin to start navigating around space.

You can choose between the British Spitfire and the Australian Dundee space craft to fly. Each time you dock at the space station you have the opportunity to upgrade your ships, from more fire power to shields, but this can be hard due to not having much time when more ships continue to attack Earth. With dozens of Nazi warships attacking our beloved planet you have to make good use of the map and navigate around the moon and to other stations in order to take out each group of ships before they reach the Earth.

Things can soon become repetitive at times and it can become rather boring and also annoying at the same time. The controls when flying the ships are very clunky and you start to lose the way the ship feels and can’t hit the enemies easier when shooting. Every time you dock at a space station the commander gives you new objectives and this starts to pile up where the game soon increases in difficulty. Once you start to get to grips of the game things change in no time; with no set missions it is one big invasion where you do not have time to take a breather. Between fending off wave after wave of Nazi ships you need the time to upgrade and also repair your ship with any of the salvage you’ve collected by blowing other ships up, but you simply don’t get the chance to.

With the difficulty spikes, one minute you are just clearing up the last few remaining ships and then the next you come up to a big wall of Nazi armoured spacecraft in one massive lump – lying in wait to leave the hanger and give you a taste of bullet hell, all of this causes you to become frustrated rather quickly and you just want to throw your controller out of the airlock.

Iron Sky Invasion is mixed game to say the least, with rather cheesy missions and the increased difficulty spike you may want to take your time with this game rather than putting it to bed early. Things aren’t made any better with the save system; your progress is not saved manually so you have to warp away from the attacks and then all of this will lose you time to get back before the invasion hits the Earth’s atmosphere. This game maybe a rarity of having a space simulator similar to X wing but I feel this game should have been released on Xbox Live Arcade rather than retail. Reality Pump games are best known for the releases of Two Worlds and also the sequel Two Worlds II, but this game has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and leave it in the waste dump, and that is a real shame.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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