If there is one thing that we do not need anymore of in the gaming community it is yet another FPS game based on the events of World War 2, yet developers continue to churn out game after game, some good and some bad. One series that has always stood out from the crowd however it the Call of Duty franchise, with it’s solid game play, revered online mode and cinematic gaming experiences the series has become a fan favourite within the genre. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that all of these qualities have been carried over to Call of Duty 3.

This version focuses the event that lead up to the liberation of Paris from the Nazi war machine. The game throws you in to the roles of four different soldiers from the British, American, Canadian and Polish armies. Through out the campaign you will play through 14 different missions, consisting of different missions for each country, and it manages to keep the single player mode fresh by offering a nice amount of variation in the gameplay scenarios.

The shooting is fun as always but the game does a lot to switch up the combat, as well as the gunning some new features have been added. You now have the ability to pick up live grenades thrown by enemies and toss them back at them, as well as ‘cooking’ grenades, which lets you dictate how long the grenade takes to explode after you throw it. There are also melee combat sequences, here an enemy will attack you, to get him off you need to shake the controller from side to side to throw him to the ground and then finish him off with a hard crack of the noggin with your rifle. This doesn’t happen often but when it does it is intense, taking you by surprise when you least expected. If anything it gives you a break from the shooting.

As well as combat you are now allowed to drive vehicles, previously in the series the only vehicular interaction that you had was driving tanks and on-rails shooting sequences in other vehicles. These components are still present but you are also allowed to actually hop in the drivers seat and control where you go. The driving sequences are done pretty well, you usually have some allies with you, so they will take out a lot of the nearby enemies leaving the driving to you. While moving you have to avoid obstacles, move out of the way of tanks and search out alternate routes, it’s all pretty intense, if not a little sloppy. The vehicles can be controlled with either the traditional analogue stick set-up or the SixAxis controls. If you choose the later then you will need to turn the controller like a steering wheel to move around, it is a bit sensitive mind, so it can be hard to control if you are not used to using motion control.

Speaking of the SixAxis you are given quite a few opportunities to use motion control in the game, allowing you to control vehicles, perform melee attacks, shake of enemies and plant explosives, as well as lots of smaller uses scattered around the game, they all seem implemented pretty well and help make the game more interactive. There is nothing to complain about with the rest of the games controls either, everything is responsive and controls smoothly allowing you to do what you need to do easily.

The game, for the most part plays really well, the levels are slightly linear but are long and designed well. Throughout each missions there are set pieces and cinematic scenes that really immerse you in what is going on. The combat is intense, explosions are going of everywhere and there is usually a good amount of enemies on the screen at once, making you feel the pressure a sense of urgency. The combat is only made better by the A.I, which is good. If you are hiding behind cover they will try and flush you out with grenades or try and flank you. You get the feeling that they are not just shooting and hoping for the best, and that they are actually trying to kill you. It is important to keep an eye on your surroundings, or risk being shot in the back.

The game does have some problems however, despite the decent enemy A.I your squad is absolutely stupid, it is common to see them just standing there during battle or just walking straight past the enemy, this is frustrating because you feel like you are fighting the war alone, instead of being backed up by your comrades. There also quite a few bugs in the game some are minor but there are some that can ruin your experience a bit. There were several occasions in the game that I would be taking cover, only to get stuck in the environment and being unable to continue, which meant that I had to frustratingly restart from the last checkpoints a number of times. There also seems to be some problems with the game registering damage to you enemies. Sometimes you throw and grenade or fire a shot and hit will hit but do absolutely no damage to your opponent.

A lot of time obviously went in to making the game look good all of the character models and levels look nice, piece of the environments crumble as explosions hit them and your surroundings are destroyed and war-torn showing the effect that the combat is having on the environment. Even the little things help, when crawling through muddy areas dirt will build up on your allies uniforms, there are some great explosions and things like the little scratches on your rifle make the game even prettier. The sound on the other hand is pretty mediocre, music is fairly generic and the voicing is pretty hit and miss, there are some great sound effects however but there is nothing that makes the audio of the game stand out.

The games online component is defiantly worth checking out, up to 24 people online at once, different characters classes and a decent amount of maps and game modes gives a great online experience, with no lag it is pretty seamless, and should keep you entertained for a long time, which has become expected from the Call of Duty games.

If you can get past the bugs in the game then it really is an awesome gaming experience, intense, cinematic and fun the game is one of the better games that the Playstation 3 console has to offer at the moment and a plethora of unlockables and an extensive online game will keep you playing long after the campaign is over.

Originally Written By: Liam Kenna

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