Korean publisher Webzen are looking to dive into our Xbox 360 LIVE world by bringing us a massively multiplayer first-person-shooter genre game (MMOFPS) with Huxley. So what exactly is a massively multiplayer first-person-shooter? Well It’s essentially a first person shooter every Xbox LIVE player is used to but set in a persistent online world, and Webzen states that Huxley will combine the intense action of an online shooter with the vast scale and social aspects of a traditional online role-playing game.

Huxley is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has evolved into two rival races: the sapiens and the alternative. The two races set against each other in a huge war, hell-bent on glory and looking to take control of a rare newly available energy source called Lunarites created by Huxley a professor and possible savoir.

You will choose to create a character from one of the two available races and like any traditional role-playing game take on quests to aid your chosen side. In addition to this every action you take could end up with serious consequences for your chosen side and the very existence of your race. With any role-playing game your chosen character will develop over time, obtaining new out-of-this-world weapons, learning new skills and developing different gameplay styles as you progress.

As part of any role-playing game or FPS, Huxley will feature some immense large, scale battles and you can fully expect to participate to see many exciting player vs player battles where not only your reflexes are tested but also the cunning and co-operation of your fellow players become the key to your races success. Webzen have designed the game to ensure the servers can accommodate millions of online players, all engaged in huge battles for power. And if all this is not enough for you to cope with Webzen have ensured that you will also face computer, controlled characters within the game, all with their own advanced artificial intelligence to give them cunning. These computer controlled characters either aiding in your quests, or by being instrumental in your demise.

When not battling it out against your rival race, you can take the time to allow your heartbeat to settle back down to a more relaxed pace, and explore, socialise and go about your daily business in what is promised to be a truly huge environment.
From what we have seen, the graphics and look and feel to Huxley have truly seemed to take advantage of the new Xbox 360 platform. From truly lush and detailed environments, to the incredible detail, that has been applied to the characters that live and breathe within the game. Huxley certainly is a feast for the senses.

Webzen are confident that a typical first-person-shooter will mix with a role-playing style of game, and that this creative mix will grip any Xbox LIVE player and pull them into what looks like a truly immense game. We have a while to wait yet for the release of Huxley, but we are very excited to see for ourselves if this intuitive mix of game-styles will actually work.

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