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Its now become clear that Amazon have guaranteed, promised and failed to deliver on the Xbox 360 orders. To try and get to the bottom of this problem, is like finding the bottom of a bottomless pit, it just simply will not be found.

With an apparent endless supplies of stories, are still avoiding to admit to the problem that is blankly staring them in the face. Not only have they apparently ‘just’ received the shipment yesterday and are currently processing orders, it also appears that they are sending Xbox 360’s in no order what so ever.

So if you were smart enough to jump in at the front of the queue by ordering Mid-August, it seems that you have no more of a chance of receiving your Xbox before someone who ordered late October.

After waking up to expecting no more than a slap in the face from Amazon, I did find Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark Zero sitting on my doormat. But alas, no signs of an Xbox 360 Premium pack or the Play and Charge kit.

After reading through many posts made by people in the same boat at, I decided to try the customer services number.

360M: Hello, Im still awaiting my Xbox 360. I have my games, but no console to play them on, would you be able to enlighten me as to when my Xbox 360 is expected to be dispatched by yourselves?

Shab: The Xbox 360’s arrived yesterday, and they are currently being processed. If you can call back tomorrow, we should be able to know the status of your order. If you are eligible for the 1st batch.

360M: And if I am not eligible when would the 2nd batch arrive?

Shab: We do not know.

360M: How many stock do you have?

Shab: I dont know, I cannot get through to the warehouse because the lines are busy.

360M: I work for an online website and if possible I would like to have an official word from Amazon to provide my members with on this issue.

Shab: Im afraid I cannot give anything official on this matter.

360M: Can I speak to someone who can?

Shab: There is nobody, if you would like to send an email to us, we will reply.

360M: And wait for 2-3 days for a reply?

Shab: Yes

So there we have it, apparently, Amazon now have them in stock, as to wether or not any of us will actual receive this before Christmas is looking very improbable at the moment.

Out of the orders made via this website, only 1 has been dispatched yesterday, which is when all should have been dispatched. I will see the order reports tonight for the site and hopefully we will have a clearer picture.

If anyone wants to contact the Customer Services at, ring 0800 279 6620

Best of Luck.

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