Fable Anniversary Preview

After interviewing the Lead designer for Fable Anniversary a couple of months ago, I had the chance to play the game at this year’s Eurogamer Expo event in London. Ten years ago the original Fable game was released on the Xbox and PC, with the new and improved graphics the game now looks better than ever.

The demo I got to play allowed me to infiltrate the bandit camp and then change into bandit clothes. For the first few minutes I tried out the new controls which I found was rather struggling to use, however Lionhead have now allowed fans to either use the original controls or the controls found in Fable 2. It had been a while since I played the original Fable and as soon I got hold of the controller I felt right back at home in the land of Albion.

Fable Anniversary has had a graphics boost thanks to the technology of Unreal engine and also Lionhead’s own in-house engine, Albion has never looked any better. Instead of going back to the original graphics you now have the opportunity to see what it looked like a decade ago on a smart phone device or tablet with the SmartGlass experience. Using SmartGlass you will be able to see a map of the level, where your hero is currently at and it will also let you see what the game looked like a decade ago.

The lighting in the game has really been improved, showing more colour to the game world and it also allows you to see the magic abilities better. With this remake comes achievements and for the first time for an original Xbox game. The lead designer (Ted Timmings) explained to me about how the achievements will work saying “You can get an achievement two ways in the game. Firstly an achievement called On Rails; which allows you to either become fat or even explore everything of Albion”.

While I played the game I had the chance to speak to the lead designer again who told me how he worked as a games tester at Lionhead, working on Fable The Lost Chapters ten years ago, and how he is now the lead producer on this title. Being a big Fable fan, this is the one game of next year that I will be looking forward to playing. Will this be a great adventure to play and remember again? Only a matter of time to wait and see.

Fable Anniversary will be available in February 2014 on the Xbox 360.


Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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