Three New Lumines Live! Downloads Next Wednesday

Those of you still playing Lumines Live! might be pleased to know that from next Wednesday you’ll be able to download three new add-on packs for the game, one of which is free for a limited time for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

The add-ons are as follows:
Heavenly Star Skin
Cost: For a limited time only, free for Xbox Live Gold members from 24th January – 21st February, 2007. (Price after 21st February 2007: 150 MS Points)
Performed by a new group called Genki Rockets and produced by Q Entertainment’s own Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the song’s catchy and uplifting tune combined with equally striking video has caught the attention of many gamers and was recently nominated Best Song at the 2006 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Gamers can enjoy the music video in stunning HD and 5.1 surround sound as they play their way through the falling blocks.

Cost: For a limited time only, 100 MS Points starting 24th January – 21st February 2007. (Price after 21st February 2007: 300 MS Points)
Show off your skills by challenging the CPU. This new game pack also includes a stylish skin and character designs that match the theme of each of the stages. A special bonus skin is waiting for you at the very end of the challenge.

Puzzle/Mission Pack
Cost: For a limited time only, 100 MS Points starting 24th January – 21st February 2007. (Price after 21st February 2007: 300 MS Points)
Lumines Live! is not just about dropping blocks. In Puzzle Mode, you must try to create a certain shape by using the blocks. In Mission Mode, you will be given a mission to clear all blocks within a specified amount of moves. With an additional 90 puzzles to solve and 40 missions to clear, you won’t want to miss this Pack. (The first 10 puzzles and missions are included in the Standard Edition; by purchasing the Pack, the total number is 100 puzzles and 50 missions)

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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