Taking the D-Pad in a new direction

D-Pad woes have long plagued gamers using the standard-issue Official Xbox 360 gamepads. Now, Evil Controllers propose a simple and somewhat retrograde solution to the roots of many controller-flinging furies induced when certain movements get lost in translation between the hands and controller.

Long time purveyors of modded controllers, Evil are to replace the single directional button currently on pads, which is effectively rolled in the chosen direction of the user, with four separate buttons, much like the traditional design of the Playstation’s D-pad. This will, it is lauded, provide greater accuracy and close the window on accidental mistakes made through hardware niggles.

While I’ve never had any major issues with the D-pad, not since those long-bygone days of panicked ElderScrolls spellcasting, I’m sure this will come as a boon to gamers so desperate for the edge that they’re willing to lose money hand over fist for bespoke controllers.

Sam Finch

Sam has been unable to peel his bloodshot eyes and RSI-ridden wrists from the world of gaming since he was first introduced to it, like all good junkies, by his Grandad. From those early days of MegaDrive sweetness, bashing through the throngs of enemies on Shining Force II, his love of all things games has extended upwards and outwards onto a variety of platforms. You can either believe that spiel, or get the real scoop and know that his spaceship actually crashed here some years ago and he is currently incognito as a games writer for Console Monster.

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