Play as a terrorist in Modern Warfare 2

Activision could be the centre of headlines from the 10th November, after leaked footage online, shows a massacre of civilians in an airport.

Said video was promptly removed from Youtube, but a copy has surfaced on LiveLeak.

The footage is taken from the 4th level in the first act of the game. It shows a player in an airport with four other men who are dressed in suits, carrying machine guns.

It then shows the men firing the guns in the airport whilst civilians panic and scream. This is when you join in and start shooting down those who are trying to escape.

Although the airport level was shown in a trailer, there was no indication it would involve you ‘being’ on the terrorists side.

It isn’t the first time that developer Inifinity Ward has tacked on some controversial elements to the game, with the original game tackling subjects head-on.

Do you think they have gone a bit far this time? Or should we just remember it is a videogame? Tell us below.


Rob Rymond

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