Phantasy Star Online: 360 Bound?

When PSO (Phantasy Star Online) came out for the DC (Dreamcast) I was in heaven. This game had the right amount of hack ‘n’ slash, adventuring,character customization and had great online play to boot. What made it better was apart from the dial-up connection costs, it was free to play!

*remembers the days of finding his first Double-ended Lightsaber*

Since the unfortunate death of the DC, PSO players have been waiting for a new version for ages and this arrives in the form of PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) for the PC and PS2 console. If you want any more information, the link below will also give you some more indepth information on how PSO/PSU works and plays.

The good news for 360 owners comes in the form of a quote from Electronic Gaming Monthly.

“Roughly 250 hours – that’s how much time The Q has logged on all the different versions of Phantasy Star Online. So yeah, you could say that I’m a tad bit excited for this summer’s full-fledged sequel, Phantasy Star Universe. And now it seems that PS2 owners won’t be the only ones losing their social life to this off-and-online role-playing game, as PSU will also arrive on the Xbox 360. Oh, one more thing: If you start playing the game on Sony’s console, you will be able to transfer your online character – thanks to all stats and items being saved on Sega’s servers – to the Xbox 360 version (which will hit a few months after the PS2 installment).”

Well, hopefully this is a good sign for PSO and 360 owners as this could be a great title for the 360 since it combines online play, odd item collection, with some down and dirty fighting. PSO also had some team games like football and CTF, so hopefully these will be updated for 360 PSU. I for one can hardly wait!

360Monster will keep you up to date with 360 game news as it happens.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers


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