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PGR4 won’t be released “’til it’s done” – Bizarre

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bizarre’s Brian Woodhouse has said of Project Gotham Racing 4 “This one, we’re not letting go ’til it’s done.”

Woodhouse went on to admit the team were forced to rush Xbox 360 launch title Project Gotham Racing 3 “We just ran out of time. We feel like we’ve got more time [on PGR4]. Last time round, we feel like we got the game ripped away from us.

“It looked great, but we struggled a little bit to commit time at the end to really balance the game properly. This one, we’re not letting go ’til it’s done. We were disappointed with that. With 2 we probably got it right. With 1 we rushed it out as well. 3, you know, it was a launch title so we were under enormous pressure.

“Following on from that, we’ve totally changed our development mentality. With a launch title, you’ve constantly got this issue with difficulty with the hardware and not getting the game up and running early enough. This time around, because we’re building it on a modular tech base we’re able to bring the game up really early and think about all of those things as we go through, instead of me saying to you as a game designer, ‘okay here’s the game, you’ve got two weeks [to balance it]’.”

Project Gotham Racing 4 is currently pencilled in for a September release exclusively on Xbox 360.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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