New Gears Content “within a couple of months”

Epic’s Mark Rein has stated that new content for Gears of War will be available “Definitely within a couple of months”. Epic wants a “regular a stream of new stuff coming for the title”. Rein also said that the next update would have a “fun little surprise” but wouldn’t say, or even suggest, what it could be, but that doesn’t stop you guys from speculating.

Unfortunately however, it appears the new content won’t be free. “There’s a lot of pressure on us, having the leading game on the platform, to be part of the downloadable economy… there’s external pressure on us to participate in that.” said Rein.

Rein also said that a Gears of War release on PC is “inevitable”.
The big challenge is to make a game that was designed solely for the console… to take advantage of every last little corner of that console, to fill every little crack and run as many threads as we could and do as much to exploit the power of that machine, and make it run well on enough PCs to be worth releasing. That’s a challenge.

UT will help us there, because Unreal Tournament 3 will be kind of our vanguard PC product, and it’s helping us get optimisation on the PC. So it’s just a matter of, now, can we make Gears run on enough PCs that it’s worth selling…or do we have to wait in five years until everyone has a PC that can run it? t’s inevitable, but it’s just not there today.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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