Most Annoying Enemies

This time around we’re going to countdown the Top 5 most annoying enemies. You know the ones! You’ve been playing the same part of the game for hours on end and you get to the same point and you’ve lost once again. Annoying isn’t it? Well, we’re going to look at the fiendish little buggers in more detail so you can avoid them if needs be.

5 – Barnacle (Half Life series)

The barnacle does nothing. It just clings to the roof with it’s very silly tentacle. Sitting there. Sitting like some sort of lost pancake from 3 Pancake Days ago. That is the reason why they are so annoying. If you’re low on ammo and you accidentally fall into the barnacles trap, you’re doomed. Even more so if you can’t see where the darn thing is. And they’re everywhere! If you see a long tentacle hanging from the roof, watch out. You don’t want poor Gordon’s head bitten off now do we

Console Monster tips: If caught in the barnacle’s trap, first try to find it, then shoot the heck out of it until it lets you free. Another fun game is to roll an exploding barrel at the barnacle, then shoot the barrel when it almost reaches the roof. Yum. Toasted barnacle!

4 – Geth Hoppers (Mass Effect)

Look at them. Sticking to walls like some kind of deadly Spiderman. Before we talk about why they are so damn annoying, let’s learn a bit more about them. The Geth Hopper is an evolved form of the Geth. However, the Quarians, creator of the Geth, do not recognise this form. The Hoppers are made of a synthetic substance that looks like muscle tissue, which gives it it’s trademark leaping ability. Hoppers have the ability to Sabotage or Overload, which can cause massive problems for your weapons. They also shoot a powerful laser out of their eye. Now, why are they annoying? Because they are almost impossible to shoot! They hop around ceilings, walls and floors more than a kid at a pop and crisp party. The fact they can overload your gun is another draw back, which means you are unable to even attempt to shoot them for a few seconds. This is not what you need in the heat of battle, with several Geth breathing down your neck shooting a weapon with your name on it.

Console Monster tips: Aim well. Sounds silly, but it’s the only thing you can do to take out these quick critters. although, biotic powers such as Lift can suspend an enemy in the air enabling an easy target.

3 – Professor Pester (Viva Pinata)

You’ve just got the Pinata you’ve been waiting for, be it a Roario or a Horstachio. You spent hours and hours preening your garden, luring the Pinata into your garden and making it see that your garden is the best place to live. Then, who comes along but the big, red, mortarboard-wearing buffoon Professor Pester and smashes your prized pinata up to steal the candy for himself. This, dear reader, is a huge annoyance. After spending ages trying to get this pinata, the last thing you need is it being smashed. Not only does he then proceed to point and laugh, he brings in his Ruffians to mess up your garden further. “Throwing up” dirt to spoil your pond, smashing fences and generally causing chaos; Professor Pester and chums are infuriating little creatures hell bent on ruining your perfect garden.

Console Monster tips: If Pester and his friends are being a general annoyance in your garden, get your shovel and whack ’em one. They’ll soon run away leaving you free to preen your garden.

2 – The Flood (Halo series)

Now, I know that the Zombie forms weren’t too annoying. You just needed quick responses and a shotgun and they were down easily. But the infection forms just made the levels with the Flood in, annoying. They were small, but very, very annoying. They swarmed everywhere. Climbing walls just to reach you and explode in your face. If there were any dead zombie forms around, the little buggers would resurrect the zombie form you just wasted ammo on. Not only that, but in Halo 3 during the Rescue Cortana mission, if you accidentally shot one of the gross looking pods on the wall, you had a heck of a lot of infection forms coming your way with the intent to turn you into “one of them”. The carrier forms were just as annoying. Waddling over to you, then falling over and exploding a lot of infection forms. Not what you need when low on ammo and stuck in a dark room.

Console Monster tips: Run. Just run! Save yourself some ammo and run! If you want to see lots of green things exploding however, use the shotgun on the zombie forms and the assault rifle to pick off the swarms of infection forms.

1 – Lambent Wretches (Gears of War)

Anyone who has played Gears Of War will know exactly what these things are capable of. They’re not that annoying on the lower settings, but playing on Insane can be a tough tasks when you have these things running around and exploding everywhere. Ordinary Wretches were a pain as they were, running at you like a small, yappy dog intent on ripping you limb from limb, but Lambent Wretches were worse. Mutated by the Imulsion, the Wretches have become highly volatile and will explode when killed. Never EVER chainsaw a Lambent Wretch. It will explode in your face and it won’t be pretty. They seem to appear out of flashes of lightning suddenly. The lambent Wretch has been the bane of many Gears player’s gaming experience, thus earning it the number one spot!

Console Monster tips: The best bet is to shoot it with the shotgun and quickly roll away to avoid the explosion. If they are too close, melee them quickly then roll away as before.

So there you have it! The Top 5 Most Annoying Enemies, plus some little tips for sorting those beasts out. If there is anything i’ve missed off the list or any you don’t agree with, post a comment below

Chris Taylor

Chris is a Northern lad with a passion for video games. With his opinions on video games and his need to force these onto other people, Chris began writing for Console Monster in 2006. Chris is a bona fide nerd who enjoys any decent game that can keep his interest. Being a keen music fan, in his spare time (what little he has) he likes to go to gigs and spends most time with some music on.

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