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Today Codemasters have announced that Michael Giacchino will create the music for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty: Giacchino has worked on such programs as Lost, Medal of Honour, Mission Impossible 3 and many many more.

Giacchino commented;

“I love working with Spark because they’re a group that’s focused on fusing innovation, quality and narrative into an intensity of game experience very few can create. For this game, we’ve taken an interesting approach that will allow the score to be more unique and emotionally personal to the player.”

Scott Langtaue, Chief Operating Officer of Spark Unlimited has commented on the partnership with Michael;

“I consider it an honour to be working with Michael once again. Together with Michael, we have developed a system that will evoke mood, setting, and emotional involvement with a dynamic structure to deliver musically on Turning Point‘s themes: the dissonance of an occupied state, the chaos that comes from resisting an unstoppable oppressing army, and the heroic feeling of making a difference as an individual.”

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is set to be one of the biggest games of 2007 for Codemasters and music is a big part of the game. Barry Jafrato, Senior Vice President of Brand, Codemasters commented;

“Michael is not only a gifted composer, but his experience working with video game production teams allows him to craft truly unique and innovative game soundtracks that increase emotional impact for players.”

We’ve also received five brand-new screenshots from Codemasters which you can view in our 360NYC Hideout or PS3NYC Hideout.

‘Set in 1953, in the midst of a WWII alternate reality, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty opens as Nazi forces launch a decimating attack on the gateway of the United States eastern coast of New York. Nazi battleships quickly take the harbour, monstrous Zeppelins fill the skies, jet aircraft execute bombing runs and, as armed paratroopers descend on to the streets, the city is taken block by block. With New York falling to pieces, and Washington D.C. in enemy sights, it’s time to fight afresh in a new battleground.’


Luke De'ath

Bristol based Luke is a keen gamer who enjoys a good FPS or Stealth title. His Favourite game is Metal Gear Solid. Luke also loves FIFA and is a season ticket holder for Bristol Rovers FC

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