Mass Effect 3 demo to include free Xbox Live Gold pass

Perhaps the feature of Mass Effect 3 which has generated the most discussion, both positive and negative, has been the inclusion of multiplayer.

The announcement of a multiplayer component in the third part of the trilogy was met with interest by some and dismay by others, worried the series they love will be diluted in what they see as an attempt to copy the success of the juggernaut (no pun intended) that is Call of Duty.

In what could be an effort to reassure their fans that the multiplayer component will meet the same high standard set in the previous 2 games, Bioware are releasing a multiplayer demo for Mass Effect 3. To ensure that as many people as possible have access to the demo Microsoft have agreed to allow all Xbox Live users access to it. This means that whether you are are Xbox Live Gold or Silver user you can download the demo as soon as it comes out then jump in for some co-op action. This will last from the launch of the demo, 14th of February, up until the game’s launch, March 6th. It should be noted that these special privileges will not allow Silver users to experience any of the other benefits of Gold.

How do you feel about multiplayer in Mass Effect? Will you be playing the demo when it is released? Let us know in the comments section below.

David Kehoe

Didn’t quite last long here.

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