Killzone 3 Game Guide App Releases

Killzone 3 Game Guide App Releases

We are happy to announce our latest Game Guide that is ready to download from the iTunes App Store. Today we introduce ourKillzone 3 Game Guide App.Releasing on iPhone (and on Android in the near future), this guide will prepare you with info on all the weapons, modes and maps in the game. We are also running our regular Guide feature in this app which allows fans and users of the App to chat about the game and share tips between each other, no matter what device they are running the App on.

The Killzone 3 Game Guideis available to BUY NOWfor a limited time launch price of 59p ($0.99) from the Apple App Storefor iPhone and iPod Touch users,and will also be available soon on the Google Marketplace for Google Android users.

This App is a quick-fire guide that lets you explore areas of Killzone 3 in a convenient and easy to use mobile Application.

This App Features:

  • All multiplayer classes, including weapon details and stats*
  • All multiplayer maps*
  • All multiplayer modes*
  • Multiplayer scoring, unlocks and medal information
  • Game Guide Forum – Chat with thousands of other users of the game
  • Gameplay trailers and videos (coming soon in the next update)
  • Twitter – Get the latest chatter about the game from the twittersphere
  • Trophies for the game*

*based on announced information and images. Stats and further updates to information and images will be added post release of the game.

This application uses a Wi-Fi or Data network for certain areas of its content. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection before launching this application. Please feel free to use our inbuilt feedback form to send us your tips, walkthroughs and video links, as well as comments, feedback and suggestions that you would like to see in future updates of this application.

We have more game guides releasing over the coming weeks and months, so please show us your support in purchasing these guides, recommending them to your friends and family as well as rating and reviewing them on the Apple App Store and Google Marketplace. Doing so will ensure that we are able to keep each of our Apps consistently updated as well as releasing new guides for that latest and upcoming game titles.