Haze’s Hazy Release Date

Yesterday Ubisoft released their next-generation release schedule (360,Wii,PS3). Apparently a Ubisoft spokesman today has confirmed that the date given for the Xbox 360 version of Haze (30th November) was incorrect and is still to be confirmed, although the Playstation 3 date of November 23rd still stands.

To get Xbox 360 owners over this hard, hard time, we’ve updated our Media Section’s with four brand-new screenshots which can be viewed in our 360Media Section or PS3Media Section.

If you’ve been living under a rock or the influence of Mantel for the past few months, then you can catch up with our First-Look at Haze HERE, HERE and well HERE

Insane monkeys and double-barrelled shotguns with some time-travel thrown in for good measure. This pretty much sums up Free Radical’s first console FPS’s, the Time-Splitters series. From a small group of people who left the godfather of console shooters, Goldeneye, they then set off to make a name for themselves. The Time-Splitters series slowly rose to fame and popularity by combining some great heritage, multiple level designs and a brutal and customisable multiplayer mode. So, what’s next for Free Radical? A comic kart racer…um, no.

One of the things you notice about Free Radical is their love for the games they make. Their new game Haze, is no exception. Just to set the record straight, no monkeys, zombies or double-barreled shotguns are in the game. Haze is aiming for a sweet spot which happens to rest fairly close to Crysis and Farcry, or so it would seem.”

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Let us know what you think of this unbelievable typo by Ubisoft and what you think of these brand-new screens by leaving us your comments below.

Luke De'ath

Bristol based Luke is a keen gamer who enjoys a good FPS or Stealth title. His Favourite game is Metal Gear Solid. Luke also loves FIFA and is a season ticket holder for Bristol Rovers FC

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