Halo: Reach has 3 editions

Halo: Reach Beta is just around the corner and Reach fever is really starting to kick in. What better way to increase the fever by announcing 3 differenteditionsof the gamefor gamers to purchase. Let’s take a look at what 3 options you have, and how much it is likely to cost you (using official RRP’s).

Option 1: Standard Edition

The first option you have will be most gamers option and that is the standard edition of the game which comes only with disk and manual. This version will cost you £39.99 unless you shop around for a better deal.

Option 2:Collectors Edition

The second option which could tease Halo fans into a pruchase is the collectors edition version of the game. If purchased fans will receive the following;

  • Game Disc and manual in custom case modeled after a recovered ONI data module
  • A custom in-game Elite armor set for use in Reach’s multiplayer modes
  • Artifact Bag containing a brand-new piece of the extended Halo universe: The personal notes and documents of the creator of the SPARTAN program: Dr. Catherine Halsey.
  • Dr. Halsey’s ONI Security Badge
  • Embroidered Spartan II Patch

This version of the game will cost you £59.99 unless you shop around for a better deal.

Option 3: Legendary Edition

The third and final purchase option available to gamers is the daddy of all editions, theLegendary Edition. This beast of a purchase will give you everything you get in the Collectors Edition, plus…

  • Exclusive Noble Team statue from McFarlane Toys. Individually molded, hand-painted and numbered
  • UNSC-themed custom packaging
  • An exclusive in-game Spartan armor effect

RRP’d at £99.99 this option is for the fan of all fans and I can only think that harcore Halo fans will purchase this. If it was £10 cheaper I might have considered this option, but just a little too expensive for my liking.

Let us know which option you will opt for. Discuss below!


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