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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Achievements revealed

The lucky forum winner “Phatmuther” won our forum competition to have a day out with Ubisoft at Warfighters and get to be the first to play GRAW2. Well while he was there he was good enough to take some images of the event (We’ll post them up later!), including some GRAW2 goodies. So here are the 43 achievements for the game typed up by forum mod “Hotfishyoghurt”.

  1. Station Co-Op 1 – Perfect
  2. The Cut Co-Op 2 – Perfect
  3. Locks Co-Op 3 – Perfect
  4. Caldera Co-Op 4 – Perfect
  5. Outpost Co-Op 5 – Perfect
  6. Hideout Co-Op 6 – Perfect
  7. Perfect Co-Op Campaign
  8. Team Veteran
  9. Solo Veteran
  10. Co-op Veteran
  11. Ultimate Defender – Win a 60 minute Co-Op Defend match on any map – 40 points
  12. Helo Hunter
  13. Demo Expert
  14. Combat Medic
  15. Team MVP
  16. Team All-Star – Lead your team in kills in 10 Team Matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room – 35 points
  17. Enforcer – Eliminate 5 different human opponents in 30 seconds with at least 10 gamertags in the room – 20 points
  18. Threatening
  19. Dangerous
  20. Lethal – Get a Total of 300 kills in Team or Solo Matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room – 20 points
  21. Ruthless
  22. Sniper Expert – Get a total of 100 sniper rifle kills in Team or Solo Matches with at least 5 gamertags in the room – 20 points
  23. Single Player Master
  24. Tutorial Walkthrough
  25. Challenge 1 Complete
  26. Challenge 2 Complete
  27. Challenge 3 Complete
  28. Challenge 4 Complete
  29. Mission Accomplished
  30. Act 1 Complete (Low Risk)
  31. Act 2 Complete (Low Risk)
  32. Act 3 Complete (Low Risk)
  33. Act 1 Complete (Guarded Risk)
  34. Act 2 Complete (Guarded Risk)
  35. Act 3 Complete (Guarded Risk)
  36. Act 1 Complete (Eleveted Risk)
  37. Act 2 Complete (Eleveted Risk)
  38. Act 3 Complete (Eleveted Risk)
  39. Bull’s Eye (Quick Mission)
  40. Iron Man (Quick Mission)
  41. Team ’Elite’ (Quick Mission)
  42. Hawks Eye (Quick Mission)
  43. Predator (Quick Mission)

Now anything could change in the final version but they look pretty much the real deal.

So what do you all think? Have your say in our forums or via the comments system below.

Expect a full Hands-On Preview of the game and an event report later in the week.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman


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