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Forza 2, Too Human, Crackdown and Shadowrun Delayed

Peter Moore, one of the public figures of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has admitted to MTV that Forza Motorsport 2, Too Human, Crackdown and Shadowrun have all been delayed and will not launch until June 2007. Shadowrun seems particularly disappointing as it was due to be the first game to make use of Microsoft’s much heralded Live Anywhere service.

He also said he’s played a build of Halo 3, stating it’s “everything people would expect to see in a next-generation version of Halo.”

On the subject of the Halo movie, which was recently dropped by both Universal and Fox due to “financial misunderstandings”, Moore said:
“While we have no deals to announce, everyone in Hollywood is looking at it.

“For the magnitude of what the script is – I’ve read the screenplay – and what we need to do to uphold the ’Halo’ universe for its legion of fans in the way they want to see a movie being made, no, it won’t be next year”

Finally, Moore also hit back at critics of the Xbox Live Marketplace, particularly those unhappy which EA’s charging players to get in-game content in Need for Speed: Carbon, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and The Godfather.
“The consumer has the ability to vote. And they vote with the A-button most of the time. Either they download it or not. I think publishers, and we’re a publisher as well, will get the message.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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