FIFA 08 to get 10-player Online

We already know of EA’s plan to introduce 11 vs 11 online multiplayer in future FIFA titles, but they’ve already taken a big step towards that ambitious target. EA have today announced that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 08 will feature 5 vs 5 online multiplayer. The feature won’t be there out of the box, but EA expects it to show up as downloadable content “six to eight weeks after the game ships”.

It works on a continuation of the “Be a Pro” mode that lets you control one player on the pitch during a game. “Be A Pro: Online Team Play” is the exact same, but with 4 of your buddies through Xbox Live or PSN.

Joe Booth, producer of FIFA 08, said:
“At EA SPORTS our dream is to create a full 11 versus 11 online gameplay experience in which each user will have a set position during the match and train specifically for that position. Be A Pro is the first step in this direction, and now, with the ability to deliver five versus five online gameplay as free downloadable content, we are moving even closer towards the realization of this dream.”

Andrew Wilson, Executive Producer of FIFA 08, added:
“Be A Pro forces you to think and react like a professional player where you experience the whole range of emotions players go through during the course of a game, Now we are taking this experience online for you to share with your friends. You will have to learn to work together as a team much like any real teams go through in order to be successful.”

In addition to the announcement of Be a Pro: Online, it was also announced that the Interactive Leagues, first seen in FIFA 07, will be making their return. In the Interactive Leagues, you represent your chosen F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League or Mexican 1st Division team online. You’ll also be able to create your own online leagues and tournaments for friends to play in and there’ll be podcasts in game from the development team.

But it doesn’t end there. Last, but by no means least, EA will be including a video capture feature in FIFA 08. You’ll also be allowed to upload you clips of you in action to the FIFA 08 website. Think of it as a video game version of Soccer AM’s Showboat.

FIFA 08 is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii in September.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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