Fallout 3 – The Pit Expansion Q&A

Today we bring you an exclusive to XCN Q&A with Jeff Gardiner, Lead Producer of Fallout 3, who spills the radioactive beans on the latest downloadable expansion for the post apocalyptic role-playing game. Enjoy.

Let’s talk about the story behind The Pitt as a place. Apparently Pittsburgh was never hit by an atomic bomb?
Pittsburgh was never hit directly by an A-Bomb. However it’s still been ravaged by the fallout of the war; buildings crumble on their foundations, held up by rickety iron catwalks. The rivers swell with the radiation run-off of the surrounding lands. Pittsburgh itself is so highly irradiated from this it’s inhabitants slowly devolve over time into mindless, pack-hunting Trogs, barely held at bay buy the few remaining inhabitants ramshackle barriers and bright flood-lights.

There’s been some mentions of it in the main game already, by the holotape in Rockopolis and as the target of Elder Lyons “Scourge”. Is there a possibility these loose ends will be tied up?
It’s actually a coincidence. With a game as large as Fallout 3, no single person really has a grasp of all the details of the content as a whole. So, the gents that created and placed that holotape weren’t the same ones that crafted The Pitt, so they were never actually tied together. Thankfully, it still works despite that!

Without giving anything away, can you tell us a bit about the story? The slogan is ‘choose your side’ so can we expect more moral decisions?
The Pitt opens with the player encountering an escaped slave from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The slave, Werhner, claims that the leader of “the Pitt” has created a cure for mutations… Once inside the Pitt the player will take on the role of a Slave – they’ll have to find work, and figure out how to gain audience with raider boss. From there things could start to devolve depending heavily on how the player chooses to proceed.

Is it a completely separate area from the Capital wasteland, and is it true you go there on a train?
The Pitt is a complete separate area. You gain access to it via an old underground railroad; but you never ride an actual train.

What about new items? There was some awesome new gear in Operation Anchorage, is that something we can expect here as well?
There is plenty of new gear in The Pitt, it’s just as brutal but not as high tech as the load-outs available in Operation: Anchorage. There are several new raider armors, even a stylized version of the Brotherhood of Steels’ Power Armor. The new weapons include an “AutoAxe,” a two handled melee weapon complete with a serrated rotary blade, great for sawing through bone, and a silenced scoped automatic rifle we’ve coined “The Infiltrator.”

The effect of entering Oasis or Operation: Anchorage was quite powerful given what a radical change it was from the Capital Wasteland, can we expect something similar here?
The Pitt itself is the vision of several developers who grew up in Pittsburgh. It’s full of unique architecture that has a different color pallet and feel from downtown D.C. The buildings are decrepit, but still intact. The Raider area is filled with their usual displays of disemboweled corpses and spray paint. Perhaps the most striking part of the Pitt is the bridge that leads into it and the ominous black smog that erupts from the still working Steel Mill.

How long is it in terms of play time? Including all side-quests etcetera?
There are repeatable quests, and plenty of side content. Depending on play-style, you’ll average about four hours inside the Pitt. You can also always come back, for the unique vendors and to further explore the area which is fairly extensive.

And there are new achievements for it aren’t there? Can you tell us what they are and how much they’re worth?
There are new achievements! Without spoiling the quest, there are four, three of which are completing the stages of the main quest itself, and one is for collecting 100 Steel Ingots, which are hidden all over Pittsburgh. This Achievement is entitled “Mill Worker” and will be worth 20 points. The other three, together, will give the player 80 points.

What sort of price-point can we expect it to be at?
The Pitt will be 800 Microsoft Points.

Finally, without giving anything away can you tell us if Paladin Kodiak has a role to play? Back to his roots?
He doesn’t specifically, although if the player has met Kodiak they can reference him in conversations to be had with characters in the Pitt itself. Also, there are some of Kodiak’s relatives left in the Pitt as well….

Let us know your impressions on this Q&A and The Pit downloadable content, will you be buying it? Tell us all in the comments!

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