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2K Games release some sweet In-Game content for their ‘out of this park’ title – Major League Baseball 2K7. Content below can be downloaded via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace (New Arrivals)

MLB 2K7 Historic Stadium Bundle In-Game Content
Get all 6 cool, historic stadiums for MLB 2K7 including: Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis Cardinals and Browns), Forbes Field (Pittsburgh Pirates), Griffith Stadium (Washington Senators), Shibe Park (Philadelphia A’s and Philles), Polo Grounds (New York Giants and Mets), and Crosley Field (Cincinnati Reds).
Price: 800 Microsoft Points

MLB 2K7 Historic Stadium Package 1 In-Game Content

he original Sportsman’s Park opened in 1881. It burned down twice between 1881 and 1900. The version you see here was built in 1901. It housed the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Browns for portions of its existence. It was renamed Busch Stadium in 1953. It was demolished in 1966 after the Cardinals moved into the first new Busch Stadium. Forbes Field was built in 1909 and was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates until 1970. It was the first stadium to install foam-rubber crash pads on the outfield walls. It was demolished in 1971 after the Pirates moved to Three Rivers Stadium. The NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers also played here.
Price: 300 Microsoft Points

MLB 2K7 Historic Stadium Package 2 In-Game Content

Griffith Stadium was built in 1891. It burned down 20 years later and was rebuilt in 1911. Originally named National Park, it was renamed Griffith Stadium in 1920, after Washington Senators owner Clark Griffith. It housed the original Washington Senators from 1903 – 1960. They then moved to Minnesota and became the Twins. It then housed the second Washington Senators for one season, 1961. Shibe Park was built in 1909 and housed the Philadelphia Athletics from 1909 – 1954 and the Philadelphia Phillies from 1938 – 1970, as well as part of the 1927 season. The high wall in right field is known as the “spite wall” because it was built in 1935 to prevent neighbors across the street from watching games for free from their rooftops.
Price: 300 Microsoft Points

MLB 2K7 Historic Stadium Package 3 In-Game Content

Polo Grounds’ oddly-shaped outfield fence, with extremely close walls down the line and one of the furthest walls ever in center, is the defining characteristic of this stadium. The Giants played in the Polo Grounds from 1911 – 1957, when they moved to San Francisco. They shared the stadium with the New York Yankees from 1913 – 1922. Crosley Field, originally called Redland Field, was built in 1912 and housed the Cincinnati Reds until 1970. The struggling Reds franchise was purchased by Powel Crosley in 1934 and the stadium was renamed after the man who was considered to have saved the franchise. Crosley Field is the site of the first ever major league night game, which was played in 1935.
Price: 300 Microsoft Points

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