Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Map Pack Review

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been a massive hit since its release and Activision thought it was about time that some new maps were released. Modern, Hardened and Veteran are just some of the names Activision could have called their recent map pack, but they decided to put a lot of thought into their new map pack and here’s the best they could come up with… the ‘Variety Map Pack’. Ok, maybe it’s not the best name ever, however, when you get around to playing the maps, the ‘Variety Map Pack’ name makes sense.

There are four different maps available; Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse. So let’s go through each map, giving you some Monster Tips and a Monster Score.


Many of you will recognise ‘Broadcast’ from the single-player campaign. A remake of the ’Charlie Don’t Surf’ mission, this map is perfect for team games, mainly Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. With a multi-storey TV-station offering several vantage points, you better not run into the open in Broadcast or you could risk a very easy death; it is however the perfect setting for floor-to-floor combat. Outside the TV station there several places consisting of a long parking lot, surrounding buildings with cleverly hid sniping spots and side-rooftop access to the top and bottom floors of the television station. Overall Broadcast is a well thought out map and visually it looks great. A welcomed addition to the map pack!

Monster Tips – Don’t run out to the middle of the station as you will be picked off very easily from opponents above. If possible, activate the perks ‘Frag x 3’ and ‘Overkill’ as they will come in useful. Use the frags to throw around corners and into buildings and have a sniper as your second weapon as it may be required. We also found that the M16 Sniper Combo worked very well on this map.

Monster Rating: 90%


Creek is one of the best maps visually. A large wide open village in the woods, Creek consists of heavy foliage, which is great for sniper cover. Creek has areas such as a deep ravine that offers an excellent vantage point for ambushes, an underground cave offers an alternate evasion route, and various multi-floor houses populate a patchwork of connected farmland. This map is big and definitely a map for Big Team Deathmatch, Search and destroy and Domination. Creek is most certainly a map for the Sniper enthusiasts out there as you will often find players lying on the ground camouflaged by their ghillie suit, waiting to pick off any opponent who dares to run out of cover.

Monster Tips – Don’t arrive at Creek without equipping your sniper rifle, otherwise you’ll just be picked off by other Snipers and start getting frustrated with the map. Stay low and you should be fine. A good map to include, but might not be to everyone’s taste.

Monster Rating: 89%


A modern revision of the classic Call of Duty Carentan map, Chinatown takes players to the foggy downtown district of Chinatown. A night-time setting, the cityscape is well lit by the full moon and the glow of brightly coloured lanterns and neon lights from local businesses. This district offers a variety of open-street and interior settings and is perfect for fire-fights throughout the connected roads, courtyards, antique shops and markets within it. Great for all game types and players, Chinatown is one of the best maps available to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and a great asset to the series.

Monster Tips – Stay high in the buildings so you have the advantage of height and cover over your opponent. A Shotgun might also come in handy here for your close-quarter battles within the buildings themselves.

Monster Rating: 96%


Killhouse is an enclosed warehouse made of plywood structures, mock-ups and speed-run courses used for training. A small map perfect for free-for-alls and small team games with a variety of soft and hard cover points spread throughout the entire level, there’s no need for a sniper on this map – a shotgun or P90 shall suffice.

Monster Tips – Again activate the perk ‘Frag x 3’ if possible as on this map you are able to throw a grenade the full distance of the map, thus enabling you to get some early kills. Equipping yourself with a shotgun would also be a wise decision.

Monster Score: 81%

Monster Summary – If you’re looking for a reason to come back to Call of Duty 4 or you are just wanting some new maps to play, then this is definitely for you. 800MS points for four maps in our opinion is well worth it and should be purchased straight away by any fan of the series.

Overall Monster Map Pack Score: 92%

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