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Battlestations: Midway puts you in the middle of the Pacific Operations that took part during World World 2. You’ll play as a navy recruit – Henry Walker. Who serves at Pearl harbor in 1941. Thanks to your hard work and dedication your skills will take you from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway.

You can now download a brand new map pack for your favorite game, from new vehicle’s to new missions. Including ’Battle of the Sibuyan Sea’ which took place in October 24th 1944.

XBL Dash Details:

“The Iowa Mission Pack for Battlestations: Midway includes a massive new multiplayer map ’Battle of the Sibuyan Sea’ a new single player challenge mission ’Raid On Truk’, and 5 exclusive new units – the legendary USS Iowa battleship, P-38 Lightning (Allied) and Gekko (Japanese) fighters, the IJN Shimakaze Destroyer as well as a totally new unit type – the Japanese mini-sub. The huge new multiplayer map will see one of the most wanted match-ups in naval history as legendary heavyweight battleships Iowa and Yamato meet in battle for the very first time!”

Weighing in at around 700MB, and setting you back 400MS Points. If you’d like to find out more about Battlestations: Midway why not read our fully comprehensive review HERE and/or visit our Media Section.

Let us know what you think of the new mp pack by leaving us a comment below.


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