Battlefield 4 Megalodon (BIG-ASS SHARK) Found In Naval Strike DLC

It’s the first I’ve heard of using Easter Eggs as shark bait, but continuing a recent trend of including a slew of secrets with DLC releases, EA’s Battlefield 4 expansion, Naval Strike, had rumours swimming about that it was to include a giant shark in one of its maps.

Well it’s confirmed! The prehistoric giant shark or ‘megalodon‘ (read freakishly enormous toothy aquatic predator) does in fact make an appearance and, as you can see in the YouTube clip below, it’s been found on theNansha Strike map. Sadly non-premium players will have to wait until April 15th to hunt her down for themselves.

I think we’re going to need a bigger boat…

Clearly sticking to the facts, the shark, which is absolutely gigantic, comes back into the ocean accompanied by a wash of explosions, though judging by its size I’m surprised by the absence of tsunami, she’s a big one.

Personally I’ll always have time for Easter Eggs in games. The inherently viral nature of their word of mouth spread is a great source of amusement and can bring the often disparate online gaming community together.

What’s your favourite Easter Egg?

Sam Finch

Sam has been unable to peel his bloodshot eyes and RSI-ridden wrists from the world of gaming since he was first introduced to it, like all good junkies, by his Grandad. From those early days of MegaDrive sweetness, bashing through the throngs of enemies on Shining Force II, his love of all things games has extended upwards and outwards onto a variety of platforms. You can either believe that spiel, or get the real scoop and know that his spaceship actually crashed here some years ago and he is currently incognito as a games writer for Console Monster.

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