How to Create a Must-Play Game in GTA Online

How to design a must-play game in GTA Online

It’s one of the biggest videogames of all time. Now, as fans complete Grand Theft Auto V and leave Michael, Trevor and Franklin to their riches, the streets and skies of Los Santos are abuzz with racers and sharpshooters. GTA Online, the multiplayer element of Grand Theft Auto V, ensures the game lives on long after the epic single player campaign’s final showdown.

What’s more, the development team at Rockstar Games has opened up its toolbox to the masses, giving players the Creator mode and letting them come up with their own games. Keen to get started? Then pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V from and check out these expert tips on creating a must-play mini-game.

Get the basics down

Set the parameters of your deathmatch or race, such as how many players can take part, a time limit, the time of day and which weapons or vehicles are eligible. For races you’ll also want to consider adding a weather option, whereas for deathmatches you can choose to restrict players to a particular type of weapon to level the playing field.

Next, a trigger point is needed to set where your event will begin as well as a Lobby Camera image to let players know where this is. Spawn points are crucial to how fun your deathmatch is to play – too close together and you risk frustrating players who die and respawn right next to a rival, too far apart and players waste time getting back to the action zone.

Set the parameters for your race or deathmatch. Trigger points, checkpoints, locations of weapons or boosts and spectacular jumps for those impressive slow motion replays. Anything you can think of to make players want to come back and try your creations.

You’ve made it, now break it

Want to become known for high-class GTA Online entertainment? Then your games need to be well thought-out, and the Test option is the best way to help you achieve this. Everything you do should be constantly refined. You might suddenly be struck by something you hadn’t thought of, or notice something days or weeks after you thought you’d finished building a race or deathmatch.

Check that respawn points work properly, that racers aren’t crashing in the same spot too often and that large obstacles are not obscuring part of a track or map. If there’s something you’re not satisfied with, hit down on the directional pad to head back to the Creator for tweaks.

Stand out from the crowd

There are a number of tricks you can use to cut the frustration factor out of your mini-games and make them a joy for others to play. In races, checkpoints should be easily visible, ideally placed just before the apex of a corner to give players time to see them before turning. Make sure big jumps are spaced out so they don’t interrupt the flow of a race. And air races ought to test pilots with a blend of lateral and vertical movement – so place your checkpoints above, below and off to both sides.

In deathmatches, don’t place health, armour and weapon pick-ups too close together in case one player picks up all three at once. The same goes for races. More compact spaces might work better so players aren’t running too far to join the action. And think about adding tactical options such as vehicles.

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