Am I playing Halo 3 too much?

There comes a time in life where we all have to sit back, relax and think about what we are actually doing in our life. For me, that time has come. Here’s a couple of things that I ended up with after my brief thinking session.

“Am I playing Halo 3 too much?”

“Should I start to play games that aren’t Halo 3 related?”

“Should I just give gaming a rest, and enjoy the other entertainment thrills of life, like TV or reading?”

So after thinking all of these things through, in my brief 10 minute thinking session, I had a hard think and came out with the following outcome.

Am I playing Halo 3 too much?

The answer is yes. Ever since my Halo 2 days I have never looked back. I’m on the game every time I go onto LIVE. When I come in from work I like to relax before dinner with a few games of Halo 3. After dinner I go upstairs into my room and just automatically start playing the game again. I’m not 100% sure what the lure is, but I have thought of a couple of reasons why I play Halo 3 all the time.

The first is because a lot of my mates ‘outside LIVE’ play it so it’s always good to have some banter on Halo 3. Secondly it’s probably because (trying really hard not to be big headed here) I can actually play it. Ok I would go as far as saying I was above average, maybe not your MLG standard, but I can play. Last but not least the reason I play Halo 3 so much is because i’m far to lazy to get up, search for a different game and then swap the discs over. This brings me nicely onto my second thought.

Should I start playing games that aren’t related to Halo 3?

In short the answer again is probably yes. There was a time in my life where Halo 3 didn’t get touched, and that was when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released. But I just got bored of the game as there wasn’t really a decent ranking system – yes I said it. You don’t have to be good to rank up on Call of Duty, you can just play for hours on end and you would rank up the promotion chain. It also seemed very easy to play, and I just don’t find it a challenge when compared to trying to play MLG on Halo 3.

I have started playing other games though. Recently my mate decided to purchase Race Driver: GRID so we have been on that which is good fun. A few of us have FIFA 09 as well so that too has also been in the tray (when I can be bothered to get up and actually change it). Overall though it’s a tough question. I will try my very best to widen my horizon by putting in some other games into the disc tray. You never know, I might find the next Halo 3!

Should I just give gaming a rest?

As for the third question, the answer is very simple, in fact I don’t even have to think about it. There is no way that I will be swaping my wireless controller for a TV remote or a bookmark for my book. It’s just not happening. I love my 360 too much to just disregard it like that. At a push I might spend less time on the 360 and spend more time out with friends, going bowling and to the cinema, but that’s it.

Now i’m wondering whether anyone else has had the same thought as above? It doesn’t have to be Halo 3 related or anything, just gaming related. Let me know what you think about my situation as well as your own!


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