Not quite now but as from tomorrow, gamers who have access to a 3D t.v (lucky you) will be able to download the special PlayStation update. The update will allow you to playWipEout HD, SuperStardust HD or PAIN at no extra cost to the game, with plenty more games available in due course.

Over at the official EU PlayStation blog Simon Benson, Senior Development Manager at Evolution Studios, had a few words to say…

PlayStation 3 now supports Stereoscopic 3D, allowing games with 3D features to output two High Definition images at 60Hz when you connect your PS3 to a 3D TV.

As human beings, we see a slightly different view of the world from each of our eyes, and our brains analyse the differences to work out important cues – this is referred to as stereoscopic 3D. As humans, we evolved this ability due to naturally being predators, allowing us to hunt prey far more effectively, judging more accurately how far away things are and how fast they are moving.

We have taken this idea, so that you can now experience these same advantages in any PlayStation 3 game that supports Stereoscopic 3D features.

As you can see, stereoscopic 3D is not just a novelty; it is something that really makes a difference, particularly to games, and can even give you a competitive edge. Imaging playing a racing game such as MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and being able to judge when to break to avoid collisions, just like you can in a real car.

Many sports games are also perfect for Stereoscopic 3D. After all, how many sports can you play in the real world without 3D vision? Try closing one eye and hitting a ball… good luck! In a nutshell, stereoscopic 3D lets you look at games in the same way as you do the real world, taking them one step closer to reality.

Stereoscopic 3D is also the perfect partner to our new PlayStation Move motion controller. Imagine being able to interact with a game using a 3D controller whilst also viewing it in Stereoscopic 3D, effectively reaching into the screen. This is possibly the biggest gaming revolution in many years.

At the moment I can’t see this taking off at any great speed, however everything seems to be going 3D at the moment so no doubt we’ll all be at the edge of our couches in no time.

Are you lucky enough to own a 3D t.v? Share your thoughts on the idea in a comment below!

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