360 Drops Falters to £135 in Areas of Japan

Microsoft simply doesn’t sell in Japan anymore, and the state of Microsoft’s sales in the oritental country don’t seem to be changing any time soon. Japanese games retailer, Tsutaya, has recently lowered the cost of the Premium Xbox 360 bundle from 39,795 yen (£180) to 29,800 yen (£135). This deduction was entirely based the retailer’s decision; Microsoft said nothing about lowering Xbox 360 prices in Japan or anywhere else.

The deduction is most likely due to the recent declining Xbox 360 sales in Japan. The Xbox 360 isn’t an attractive system to the average Japanese gamer. Unlike those in the west, the Japanese don’t crave high paced shooters that the Xbox platform has become so well-known for. Instead, a more mellow RPG or Adventure game suits them, games that Microsoft hasn’t developed a good name for as of yet. So from this, the big white box we have grown to love is considered an unattractive “waste of space” in the eyes of many in the Far East.

Most people aren’t certain whether other Japanese retailers will be deducting their Xbox 360 prices, but no matter what they decide to do; the Xbox 360 is having a dreaful outing in Japan and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Originally Written By: Steve Wysowski


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