Ah yes, another month, another crate full of loot. This time around I’ve been sent the “Loot Gaming” box, fabled to be packed with items totaling over sixty dollars worth of game related swag. With a price tag of twenty-five dollars a box, sans shipping fees, it seems to be a decent deal. So what does this month’s ‘Arena‘ theme hold for us? Let’s see shall we?


Straight out of the box I noticed a blue hat, featuring the Scout’s logo from the popular competitive shooter – Team Fortress 2. I was once a huge TF2 fan back in the days before it went free-to-play, and the Scout class just so happened to be my choice class to play as. I’m not really a ‘hat person’, but in itself, the classic snapback is well made and overall pretty nice quality.


Next up was the regularly included shirt. This time around we are presented with a bright red shirt sporting a stylized “Fight!” across the chest, in the iconic Street Fighter brush stroke font. The letters are filled with mixed art of the various characters featured in SFV, the latest in the series. This is another fair quality shirt, and doesn’t scream “STREET FIGHTER” like most of the wearables Loot Box usually sends out, so that’s appreciated.


What would a mystery crate be without a “Funko Pop! Vinyl”? This massivley-headed figure was that of Tracer, from the wildly popular shooter – Overwatch – by Blizzard. Labeled as a ‘Loot Box exclusive’, this tiny figure has nice detailing and is a decent little trinket for those people who seem to horde these sorts of vinyl figures. The connection point on the head is a bit wonky and rugged upon closer inspection, but overall a fairly nice figure.

While I myself hate the style that these vinyls use, and I don’t actually own any, there are many people out there that can’t seem to get enough of these massively deformed little things. Personally, I’d rather have something with normal proportions, but I suppose I’m in the minority.


Nearing the bottom of the box I pulled out something I hadn’t actually held in years; a massive mousepad. I do use a mouse with my laptop, but with ball mice being all but gone, I honestly haven’t had a use for a mousepad since 2003. The art on the pad features pixel versions of various characters and creatures from the MMO created by Valve, DOTA. The quality is about what you would expect in a mouse pad, but I honestly can’t properly gauge this because I haven’t used one in so long. Maybe this sort of thing is needed for a hardcore PC gamer, but being a console player, I’m not hip to these sorts of things.


The final item is easily the weakest. What they call a Team FortressLithograph” is, in my opinion, a glorified post card. If I was expecting a lithography and got this, I would be beyond angry, much like I was when I opened my Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition, and was greeted with the cheapest looking thing ever passed off as an art litho. I suppose it’s not the worst thing ever found in a Loot Crate, but I can’t help but think it might have been better to just not include it.

Well that’s it for July, come back next month as I’m supposed to be receiving one each month for at least a year. But honestly, press communication with the Loot Crate people is so poor, I may get a box of used paper towels in the post next month.

If you would like to give the Loot Gaming box a try, head over to the website using our exclusive link and save five dollars on your first box!

Justin Ortiz

Introduced to video games when he was only five, after dying somewhere around four thousand times while playing Star Tropics, he never looked back. Some of his favorites range from titles like Shenmue and Metal Gear Solid 3 to Half-Life 2, Manhunt, and the Dark Souls series. Justin has a passion for vinyl records, and loves to collect video game memorabilia. If he had one wish, it would be to travel back to 1984 Miami.

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