Gears Week: Greatest Killing Implements

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Gears of War since its inception has given gamers a wide variety of weapons to kill Gears and Locust alike with. Today Console Monster picks out its best five weapons from the gaming franchise and gives its reasons why it has made the prestigious list.

The list is made up of guns not only from the previous two games, but we’ve also added some from the new Gears of War 3 beta that has recently ended. Without further adieu we give you the ‘Gears of War Greatest Killing Implements’.

Wait is that a bow and arrow?
What better way to start than with one of the more surprising weapons available in Gears of War. The Torque Bow involves you holding down your firing trigger and when you release it an explosive tipped arrow will hopefully begin its flight into an opposing player’s skin. Be careful as holding the trigger for too long and the arrow will simply fly off on it’s own, due to too much stored tension in the bow, too soon and the arrow will not penetrate the enemies armour.

Despite being an easy target for shotgun wielding foes and Longshot campers alike the Torque Bow is always one of the first weapons snapped up when a game begins. When you do manage to pull of that inch perfect shot you get to see the arrow imbed itself into an enemy target and despite their best efforts a few moments later they’ll simply explode in a cloud of blood. This all makes for a very satisfying weapon. Due to its relatively specific range and long reload time sadly the Torque Bow only manages to sneak in at number 5.

Gnash, Gnash, Gnash
The Gnasher Shotgun is a lever-action combat shotgun designed to destroy anything that comes within a foot of the person holding said weapon. With eight rounds at your disposal you can happily take out multiple targets with this beast of a weapon, and it’s one of the sole reasons why many gamers still opt to start with one as oppose to the Lancer.

It is also by far the best weapon to use when hip firing and more often than not you’ll find yourself beating an opposition player who’s using his Lancer on you even at mid-range. Also if you use this weapon correctly and aim with the precision of a marksman you’ll get to feel that adrenaline filled buzz when you get a headshot and basically decapitate either a COG or Locust. With Gears of War 3 the gun has yet become more useful as you can now stun opponents when you jump over cover and land on them, coupled with a round from the Gnasher and there will be nothing left but bits and pieces. For being such a popular weapon both on and offline the Gnasher quite happily sits in 4th.

Immulsion Energy at its best
Ever wandered what an immulsion-energized satellite could do to an enemy force? Epic showed gamers exactly what happened when they placed the Hammer of Dawn in Marcus Fenix’s hands in the original Gears of War. The HoD isn’t actually the weapon, all you are holding is a beacon marker which once you’ve selected and acquired a target an Immulsion-Powered beam of particle energy flies straight through the body of your unsuspecting enemy making for an incredible sight

The two main problems with the HoD are that it requires a clear sky to operate or it cannot communicate with its satellite. Also if you move where your aiming the HoD, you have to reset the laser until the satellite fires. To add the HoD gives out a bright orange beam of light when you are painting your target which gives the enemy ample opportunity to get under cover before it fires. On the flip side you can use the weapon to flush out enemies hiding away behind cover and a colleague, with Lancer in hand, can finish what you started. Despite its faults there’s nothing better than hearing those little beeps and watching a cluster of Locust simply disappear and that is why it makes it to number 3.

Lest we Forget.
The Retro Lancer is the newest addition to the Gears of War weapon roster. The weapon, as you have no doubt guessed, was the Lancers predecessor, also known as the Lancer Assault Rifle. The rifle, although more powerful than its upgraded sibling, does possess more of a kick back to gamers when firing of rounds. Despite this kick the rifle has already become an instant hit and has seen more use on the Gears of War 3 beta than any other weapon.

What’s even more amazing is the addition of a bayonet affixed to the underside of the barrel. Instead of using your chainsaw to cut Locusts in half you can now run with all your might and spear an enemy player, lift them high up into the air and savagely throw them to the ground in one great heap. You’ll even hear your COG of Locust soldier screaming with rage mid run when you are charging an opponent. The rifle originally was said to be preceded due to its inability to pierce the armour plated flesh of the Locust Horde, although as its plain to see in Gears of War 3 the bayonet does a swell job of impaling your foe. Despite being an old weapon system the Retro Lancer still holds it’s own in the battle between COG and Locust and that is why it makes it all the way to number 2.

Ever wanted to be Leatherface?
The undisputed greatest weapon to grace Gears of War is the Lancer Assault Rifle 2.0. It has been used for some 50 years by COG soldiers and been used in both the pendulum wars and the Locust-Human war to great affect. You’ll never forget the feeling of using your chainsaw bayonet for the first time and slicing a Locust in two. In Gears of War 2 Epic made the weapon all the more fun to use when they made it possible to ‘rev’ the chainsaw. It was also used in a glitched charge where you could charge your opponent with the chainsaw going full steam. This has since been removed and again in Gears of War 3 you can only use the Chainsaw Bayonet when you are not in charge mode.

With the chainsaw attached the Lancer makes for a formidable close combat weapon, but it’s also just as good at medium and long range. You can fire round after round at enemy players from behind cover even using it to slow an enemy charging with their Retro Bayonet. Then simply finish them off with a couple more rounds to the skull. This is the newer version of the Lancer, but if anything to gamers this will seem like the ‘classic’ and will never be forgotten if the Retro Lancer does end up being the weapon of choice in Gears of War 3. It was the weapon that guided you through Gears of War and for that reason alone the Lancer is still undeniably the greatest weapon to grace the Gears of War franchise.

If you want to find out more details regarding the new Gears of War 3 weapons or maybe even want to take a look at the new maps released with the latest Gears of War then Console Monster has got just what you need. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can download the new ‘Guide for Gears of War 3’ from the App Store HERE and give yourself a head start come the games full release on September 20th.

Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

Lee is an avid gamer, photographer, film buff and sports fan. A scaly brat since birth it only seemed right for him to join Her Majesties Armed Forces of which he has been a proud member ever since. Despite a long absence from gaming, during which he spent many a night reminiscing about the glory days on Halo 2, Matty is now back online smashing his way through Black Ops and soon enough Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3.

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